Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

FELIZ AÑO CAMBIOS! (66th email)

                What a jolly, happy, mixed emotions week it was. You guys are hilarious, you want to know what the member said about you guys! He said that you guys are like a japanese family because they take a billion potos!! Hahaha but I loved it, it was awesome and I am looking forward to seeing a few today! J I gotta admit, I was a lot crazier this time, I hardly cried but that doesnt mean I dont miss you guys! I think I´m just got used to the misión. I was just so so so excited to see all you guys. Also I would like to thank you for the prayer Dad, it touched my heart and very different because it was in english. It caught me off guard I gotta admit! But yeah and I would like to thank you for talking about yourselves a lot this time. It was sooo good to find out what was going on back at home, and to hear from everybody! J Thanks for comin´down Anne, Ive missed seeing you this whole time, I am super glad you are lovin´life and you are still in Moab, oh yeah and I´m still your lumiere! Love you Big Anne!
                Momma! I got the other package with my card, jelly bellies, puzzle and all the amazingly delicious ´Merica stuff!! The only thing that stinks about it is resisting day by day not to eat all of it! J So thanks Momma, oh yeah I got the Christmas Card too soo awesome but why do you have to be soo big Alexis? Good night!
                Alrighty the big BIG news here it is I guess, quite the big changes here and they are……….drum roll please………we are BOTH outta here! Yep they kicked us both out, its called a whitewash here in the misión. Bye E´ Petersen….anyways he´s off to a place called Centenario in the zone Melo. And Im off to BELLA ITALIA in the zone Maroñas!!!!!! As Senior Comp. for reals this time, ahhhhh kind of pumped kind of nervous as usual but it should be a fun time. Im with E´Olsen, a youngin in the misión Ive heard. Ive also heard that he is really awesome and funny so lets hope so! I will have to tell you more details next week, but should be a party! Im gonna miss E' Petersen I know I say this about every comp I have but I really am gonna miss him! I just have too good of comps. each one teaches me something different! I think E' Petersen really taught me how to be humble to the Lords will. Nothing is a coincidence, it all happens because it is Gods will. What we have to do is try our best, just like you always say Dad! Also he taught me to apply the scriptures a lot more to the mission! The scriptures arent just a story but principles to be LEARNED! We had really great comp. studies because he shared not only what he learned in his study but how he was going to apply it into the mission! :) I love that kid, Im gonna miss em' but we live close no worries there we might go play a round or two of golf someday! 

It seems like it always happens when you are about to leave you get the work picking up a bit! I dont know if I told you guys about Santiago but he is a friend of some recent converts. He is only 11, just like you Alexis but he really is special! He has a hard time paying attention and we´ve had to teach him really slow this week! But he looks very probable to get baptized in this next month! He has a baptismal date for the 17th of Jan. and wants to get baptized!! I just hope the other missionaries keep in contact with him, and help him get to the gate to baptism. Im sure they will, its been awesome getting to know that kid I hope the best for him! Other than that, we found a few more people for the other guys to teach now luckily! 

Thats all folks I hope you enjoy the pics!! Christmas was really fun this year! :) Next time I talk to ya guys I'll be in Maroñas woot!! I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! :) Have a good chilly news years eve!  CHAU!

The Bishop cooking a pig in Montevideo--December 2014

2nd Christmas package in Montevideo 2014

Christmas morning 2014

Talking with the family back in Utah!!  Yay!!!!

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie

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