Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, December 8, 2014

On the First Week of Christmas... (63rd email)

Opa! Hey Fam!
                Another great week in the Uruguay Montevideo Mission! Every week is a great week because I'm in the misión but we did run into some difficulties this week.
                Wednesday was an awesome day though, we had interviews with President Cook again! I love that man, as I say so many times but really Chris (Elder Johnson) has an amazing grandpa! J Umm anyways he helped me a lot, he always is looking out for me and is always willing to help me with my problems! His wife couldn’t come because she has been really busy lately and shes been working too hard! So Pres. told her to stay home, hmm kind of sounds like a familiar situation at home eh?! Anyways yeah so it was great but the sad thing is I might not be with E´ Petersen next change in about a month! :(  Sad days…
                Anyways then we had some classes about faith and the BofM given by the assistants. We had lunch, and perks about being in Montevideo we got Subways footlongs!!! I know I know it doesn’t sound like much but here in Uruguay Subways isn’t as common, especially for a Zone lunch!! Hmm it was super eat fresh! Ñ= Then we stayed because somehow my comp. sneaked into the Christmas Choir. Because on December 17th the mission is doing a huge Christmas Conference-Program kind of what they did last year. And the Christmas Choir here is a big deal! They gotta do quite a few practices before the program, its like the step down from being in MoTab its sooo legit! Haha but yeah its gonna sound amazing, cant wait! J I love the Christmas Season! And yeah I know you are gonna ask it but, I have no idea what I am gonna do for my birthday!? Ive been thinking about it all week, but I cant come to a conclusion!! I´ll make something up like I usually do here in the mission. Its super weird to have birthdays and holidays in the mission because we have such high expectations but nothing SUPER eventful happens. Anyways its alright I guess you guys will hear all about it next week! Oh yeah by the way quick question. I GOT A PACKAGE!!! JJJJJ And I think it’s the Christmas package but, I cant tell is it the package with all the shirts, candy, and ties? I haven’t opened it yet, thats just what it says on the outside. THANKS FAM you da bomb!! This is really testing my patience though.
                What else happened this week? Oh yeah we had a Zone Meeting on Friday where they talked about the ¨He is the Gift¨video that the church just recently put out! I know I know it’s a huge deal for me because I haven’t even seen it yet! Im sure you guys have probably seen it like 500 times already but it looks soo sick from what the Ensign says! I am really excited for it, because the First Presidency has asked us to share it with everybody so we focus our hearts more on the greatest gift that has ever been given! J
                Sunday it rained again but in the afternoon thankfully! However it didn’t turn out the way we wanted! Its been a hard few weeks trying to find people to teach that really want to progress and are basically truly interested! Thankfully the Lord helped us find quite a lot of people to talk to. I think he is just giving us as much as we can handle, little by little to teach us a lesson on being diligently humble so that we can show Him our true desires to do His will! That’s what im thinking…we´ll see what happens this week. But hey the Lord did bless us with quite a few less actives and recent converts in church as well! Just little tender blessings the Lord is giving us day by day is keeping us going! J

Thanks Momma for sending that card off so quick!! If it doesnt  get here on time dont worry about it, I will just have a late bday lunch!! But yeah by the way my comp. and I are soooooo pumped for that!! He wants to be fed bad haha! :) thanks for all the early bday wishes, next pday will basically be my bday as well! All is good here! :) Hope ya'll have a great week, is there lots of snow yet?!?!?!? Oh White Christmas's are missed here, people just dont know what they are missing! Anyways I LOVE YOU FAM TOO MUCH! Thanks for the love!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie

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