Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, December 15, 2014



Bueno. I don't have a lot of time to write today but I will make the most of it. It was a week a lot like last week I gotta admit. Very good learning, hard from experience kind of week. But me and my comp. have discussed it out a lot this week! And we are working real hard, its just been a little hard to find success! The Lord has been blessing us with lots of people to talk to, but its been hard to get a 2nd visit with them. Im sure you know how that is Dad! Yeah so we are in that right now! No new investigators really came this week, we had a friend of a recent convert come but we havent had a charla with him yet we will have to see if he's willing to talk to us! ;) 

Its been a busy week though, we've gone to Malvin a couple times to help other Elders out, in fact the Elders in Carraso. The people there are amazing people but I little hard to contact! Haha the people we contacted in the street werent from there, they just worked there and were going home! So maybe we helped some other zones out, you never know! But yeah we had a choir practice on Wednesday, and no mom I am not in the choir. I LOVE to sing, but I cant really sing especially with big competition here in this mission and no I am not just wimping out either! Ha but its gonna be amazing!! Cant wait!! Speaking of Christmas I will be seeing you guys soon!! THATS RIGHT!! Just kidding I remembered we just havent worked it out with anyone. We are gonna talk with some members this week. So I will let you know all the details this week but it should be on Christmas Day VIDEO CALLING WAM BAM!! :)

And yes..........ITS WAS MY BDAY! Thanks for all the bday wishes today! Thats why I dont have a lot of time today because ive been looking at all the amazing bday posts, and pics! I LOVE THEM SOO MUCH! Thanks yall I had a great day yesterday here in Uruguay! It was quite the strange one if I do say so myself. It always is a strange day on your bday in the mission! 1st off I didnt get to shower because our water was turned off, so we had to go to another area like 20min. away during lunch just to get showered!! Yes dont tell anyone but I went to church without showering in the morning!!! NAPPY! But anyways then the rest of the day went fine, I was wished happy birthday from a lot of the people especially the youth! Estefany invited us over to her house and we ate a little food and we had this little jelly cake thing, then she gave me a present! She is the best, I know right?! I got that Santa Hat, thats in the pics! I had some other members get me that little christmas tree, and Estefany also got me the tinsel for the tree!! It really is beginning to look a lot like christmas!! :) Ahhh its so the best time of the year! Alright thats it I gots to go but thanks for the amazing pics, and 9 months left photos AHH! LOVE YOU ALL hope you have a good week and see you soon! FELIZ NAVIDAD!

LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Birthday cake in Montevideo 2014.  Santa hat gift from Estefany!

Birthday cards!!

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Montevideo 2014

Christmas tree given to us by a member!

Love this face!  Palm trees in Montevideo!

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