Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, December 1, 2014

Oh the weather outside is frightful... (62nd email)

Hey-Oh Family!
                Hello from insane bipolar Uruguay! The weather has been insane lately. For example Sat. night I was sweating to death of the humidity. Then Sunday it rained ALL DAY! But hey I'm alright, you would think I would be accustomed to all of this change in weather stuff! Oh well…its been a pretty normal week sorry don’t have to much to tell again. Oh my gosh just got all your letters, like really right now! I just had an Elder throw all your letters at me, LOVE YOU GUYS! What a early Christmas Surprise! Thanks guys, but really thank you sooo much!
                Anyways this week was a sad week. As I said we´ve been in a trio with E´ Garcia and he headed out 2:00am Thursday Morning! He spent like a week with us, helping us out teaching us his wise missionary techniques. He taught us to pass by the members houses a lot more, they really trusted him a lot. That’s what E´ Petersen and I have been working out. Work through the members, that’s what we should have been doing in the 1st place. We are still in the hunt but we seen some great success in the recent converts! We didn’t have many come to church because it was raining a bunch and everything shuts down in this country when it rains. We are getting better with the weekly contact with just about the majority of our 25 Recent Converts! J Anyways yeah E´ Garcia taught us some great things, that have really changed my mission. I know that E´Garcia was sent here to be with us for a specific reason. To help both E´ Petersen and I as a companionship!
                Tuesday we had a thing called Choque de Fuerza where all the missionaries in one zone go to 1 specific area and work, teach, and find new people for those missionaries to pass by. We did it again in Montevideo (Malvin) and I got to admit it was one of the toughest ones Ive ever done on my mission. NO ONE wanted to talk to us I mean NO ONE! We were just walking the streets for 2 hours straight, knocking on doors and just getting rejected out of the wazoo! It was a blast!! No not so much, we were getting exhausted/frustrated to say the least! Then like the last 5 min. came along and we almost called it quits, one of those experiences BUT we decided to go try one more street that we didnt go by right next to the church. We went and knocked on a few doors and of course no answer so we were just like ok I guess thats it sadly! As we were walking back I saw this mid-20´s guy walkin´ down the street, blaring his music that typical kind of guy. And I could notice that he was trying to avoid us but I just went for it! He actually stopped, took off his headphones and listened to us, it almost caught me off guard for a min. haha! Umm turns out that he was basically atheist, like he always grew up with the thought that God didnt exist. But this is the killer, he was actually interested!  We invited him to get baptized when he gets his answer, and set up a time to come back!  He hardly believed but wanted to listen it was a pure tender mercy/miracle from the Lord. That contact made that whole thing all worth it, quite the big testimony builder for me that you just have to DO it! Man up Elder Ivie and DO IT! Just follow the Spirit and TALK! Ahh I love the mission. That was my big experience of the week. Not too much more happened this week, Thursday was Thanksgiving and funny enough we didnt have too much money so guess what we made (you will see it in the picture), chicken bread tortilla things, and burgers with mayo! Woot woot! :) Definitely one of the weirdest Thanksgiving dinners/lunches I've ever had but hey thats the fun part about it! We were laughing that morning, making our stuff because well yeah you know why.....quite the linner eh?! But it didnt turn out as bad as you think, people dont really celebrate thanksgiving here but they gave us random snacks and sandwiches all throughout the day so we were eating like all day basically! :) DAD, COUSINS, VIDEOS of you all I love IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just dont have speakers nor headphones so I didnt hear anything but I will figure a way to hear it sometime. Still anways it was amazing to see all your faces, especially KENZIE!! INSANE she is back, by the way you havent change that much haha, from what I saw no offense. Haha I LOVE YOU GUYS! 

2 topics of interest I would like to address, NAVIDAD!! What time do you want to do Skype? I dont have too many details but what time would work the best for you guys first!? And the other point will be in another email.. Oooh private! Anyways have a good 1st week of December loved ones!! Soooo excited to read all the letters, I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! Our boys are representing momma!! :) By the way all you guys looked amazing in the Thanksgiving Dinner pic. love it!

Les amo, tu hijo Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Chicken bread tortillas & burgers

Thanksgiving meal with Elder Peterson in Montevideo--Nov '14

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