Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, November 24, 2014

Preaching the Gospel 3 by 3 (61st email)

                HAPPY THANKSGIVING this week! Not really sure what we are gonna be doing here, Uruguay doesnt celebrate it at all! L I hope they do something for everybody here Montevideo but I highly doubt it! Hna. Cook is pretty awesome though so we’ll see how it goes! Oh my an American Thanksgiving would be glorious right now. But maybe we will try to make a pie or something to make it memorable! Its all good here sorry I dont have too much to tell this week.
                The big news that I couldnt tell you guys last week, Im staying in Aeroparque for at least 6 more weeks with Elder Petersen!!!! And the random other news is…..we´ve been in a trio this past week! Yeah his name is Elder Garcia, he is an elder from Guatemala that was supposed to go home last week but he wants to come home the same time his brother is from his misión in Nicaragua (no idea how to spell that!) So he will be with us until Thursday, his plane leaves at 2 in the morning. The interesting thing is, he was Elder Petersen´s comp for a time in another area. So Elder Petersen is in heaven, because he loves that Little man! Just with these couple days being with him, I have learned so much from him and I understand why Elder Petersen loves him so much! He has been helping us get to know a lot of the less actives) oh yeah to make it more confusing, Elder Garcia used to be in Aeroparque so he knows the area just like us!) Soooo basically its been a real blessing having him with us. As I was saying he has been helping us get to know a few of the less actives and investigators he used to work with. As well as befriending the members ALOT MORE! That is something we need to be better as a companionship, because of course if the members trust in us more they will be more willing to help us in the Lords work! Elder Garcia is so loving and knows how to work with the members.
                This is going to be a scattered email because its been quite the strange week. On Friday we got to know all the newbies in the Zone, I really loved it because they were talking about how our zone needs to be more united. To trust somebody you have to get to know them! And when we trust everybody we are going to be efficient and willing to help each out. Its super basic stuff but it changed my view on how we all need to work harder and more efficient if we want success in the Lords Work. Saturday we started to do activites again, we have planned it out so we do at least one every month by us! There wasnt many that came but it turned out to be successful anyways! We had a little spiritual message at the beginning, then we played some ping-pong, foosball, and futbol of course the usual! Its super fun though, just to take a little time out of the day to just kick the ball around and have fun with the youth! Especially because it doesnt happen very often here. Dad, you are probably just chucklin, remembering all the luau´s you had in Hawaii. Im sure it gave them a great opportunity to get everyone together, feast and have some fun! J Other random stuff I saw a candidate running for Pres. here in Uruguay and he totally waved at me from his car!! Legit!! I was freakin out, I have no idea why. Oh yeah Sunday I walked to Gospel Principles and they told me it was my turn to teach it! Wow I knew this momento was gonna come again, I still get so nervous but I guess you can say it went alright! Thats why you have the manual am I right?! ;) Other than that nothing much happened this week, Ive been eating super healthy lately and I feel good!! Sandwiches all day! Well yeah thats it, I hope ya'll have a great 'thanksgiveme' week! hehe EAT A BUNCH! Especially pumpkin pie that goes for you too Lumps! I love you all TOO MUCH, you are all the bomb! :):) Cant wait for the package! AHHH oh yeah and mega good sports lately momma!

Les quiero, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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