Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, November 3, 2014

This is missionween!! (58th email)

Hoola from rained out Uruguay!
                Wow what the change of weather its been, from like blazin’ hot humidity, to raining ALL weekend!!! Im tellin´you Uruguay is just as bipolar as Utah! But oh well the rain made it a little difficult this Sunday. Not a lot of people came but we had some good success this week! J E is doing amazing, progressing a bunch, she came to church and just wants to keep hearing more. We had quite a few charlas with her, she agrees with everything, and asks us questions!! We put a baptismal date with her for  November 15th, 2 weeks and she is looking good to getting baptized that day! She has been quite the miracle, her Mom sometimes listens to us too but still a little firm on not coming to church quite yet! But yeah pray for her this week, she is still trying to find her answer to all of this, I´ll keep you updated thanks guys! J
                It was a good Sunday, E came and loved it, it was testimony meeting and we got to hear from some recent converts and they did amazing! I love hearing what they have to share, and their conversión stories. Its truly amazing how converted some of these converts are, they just shine and so willing to share their testimonies!
                Oh and yes Friday was Halloween!! :o) Gotta admit pretty normal in the misión, we went out and worked! A kid, E, went out with us to a place called Villa Tato like 30min. Walking! What a stud eh?! We recently found some new investigators that are amazing too! M J and L are their names, they love it when we come over, they are super interested just they need to get married before baptism of course. We usually find a lot of those but they said they are making plans! They look very posible as well! But anyways that was basically what happened this week!! :)

I had a real spiritual week, I was reading in Alma 42 and some things that really caught my attention was in vs. 20 where it talks about how if there was no law or consquence for sin, nobody would be scared to sin. Interesting thought, never thought of it that way! But what I loved the most was vs. 30-31 where Alma the Younger is inviting his son Corianton to humble himself, to not deny the merciful power of the Lord. And then he invites him to come preach the gospel with him, and they preach REPENTANCE! :) It shows how each of us need the Atonement and how none of us are perfect, and how we need the wonderful mercy of our Savior Jesus Christ. Yes, we make mistakes but God looks at what we can become not what we've done! Love it! It makes me want to preach repentance to everybody because I want everybody to feel the cleansing power of the Atonement in their lives, just like I have!

I love you guys soooo much!! :) It was amazing to see your pumpkins Alexis, oh yeah and the wonderful, hanus make up I almost died!! :) You guys sure spooked me, good one! Sorry if you stressin to much for my christmas package! Dont stress it will get here, but dont be stressin momma. Oh yeah one more stressy thing sorry, if its too late dont worry about it but if you could send a couple of those cheaper CTR rings but in spanish (HLJ)! But really this time if its too hard or too expensive dont even worry about it. And ohhh quick question momma how much was the Plan of Salvation Puzzle you bought me before the mission? LOVE YOU CHAU gotta go!
Familia Este!

les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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