Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, November 10, 2014

Would you look at that! (59th email)

                What a heck of a week its been! But really it was a better week here in Aeroparque. We had a companionship goal to end out the week strong and thats what we did, Sunday was another miraculous day!! J However its a mega long story….
                Anyways the news with E, is good and bad news. We had some good charlas this week, preparing her for her baptism this upcoming week. However Friday was a shocker day, we were teaching her about tithing and her baptism and how she needs a baptism interview this Friday. We asked her how she felt like about it and yeah she broke down. With the few words she could squeak out, she told us that she was a little scared mainly of just messing up after she gets baptized. It took us by surprise really we didn´t know what to say! It just got quiet and we sat there for sec. Thinking and listening to the Spirit cause I know He was there. E' Petersen bore his testimony on how we are never alone, the ¨Lord will never forsake thee.¨  I bore my testimony and felt like I needed to talk about the Sacrament! J It was good and super spiritual but mainly we told her what she needed to do personally, we told her she needs to read, medítate, and pray about Moroni 7:13, But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and enticeth to do goodand tlove God, and to serve him, is inspired of God.
Then Sunday came around, and E doesnt show up!! We were freaking out, we called her right up and no answer, we called again no answer. So annoying as we are but sometimes you got to do it, we sent her a message! 2min. later she responds and says she is at her friends house for a sleepover and that she couldnt come!! Devastated!! So yeah I gotta admit at this moment I was flippin out because I thought we were losing her, with the charla and not coming to church but fortunately that was not the case. We had a charla later at her house and she was a lot BETTER! We found out from her Mom that she just gets really stressed sometimes and is way too hard on herself like I am sometimes! ;) I think thats why the Lord led me to her, so she could teach me to be more patient and not freak out! Anyways the good news is she changed her mind and that she would like to get baptized this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She didnt share with us why she changed her mind exactly but I really feel that the Lord answered her prayer. He told her it would be alright and she would have His help every step of the way. Thats what I feel, and I know she is doing this for the right reasons. Guys I have a strong testimony of answers to prayers, sadly Dad I couldnt get to the talk by Elder Scott this week but I will this week I promise!! Ive been excited all week, just cant find time. I know you were inspired to send that talk so I could share it with E, maybe I will still have a chance this upcoming week! :) bueno, lots of prayers so excited for Saturday!

Oh yeah and M and L came to church too, they have a car but it was a mega sacrifice because they live really far from the church and they brought all their kids too! It really shows that they want to take this step in their lives! We just have to help with marriage, was that a big problem in your mission Dad? Never asked you that....anyways yeah next week p-day is Tuesday, thats insane right!?!?!?!?! The change is already ending!!! What are we going to do? yeah what are we gonna do Dad? This week we have another Multi-Mission Conference in Malvin with Elder Christensen this time!!!! Not sure if he speaks spanish, if not translator and all in english for us woot woot! :) Super pumped for that too, how blessed we are to have general authorities instruct us. Ummm that is basically it for this week. We had an awesome week this week, thanks for all the prayers and stuff! best fam ever!! LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER & ALWAYS TOO MUCH! Say hi to Kenz for me woot! crazy beyond belief....

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
PS: HALLOWEEN matching ties, and our interesting random lame costumes
Elder Peterson & Elder Ivie in their Halloween ties!

Random lame Halloween costumes-Oct '14

Cake Boss, Elder Ivie!  Aeroparque, Uruguay Nov '14

Homemade chips & salsa!  Not very common in Uruguay :-)  

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