Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Transfers, worries about chicken, baptism, chau elder :( (72nd email)

Hola amorosa familia! 

Hey yo! Times have changed I might say so myself, we got changes call last night and......................I am going to stay!!! Haha yeah Im staying obviously everyone knew that, I am really excited I love this area and ward even if its super hot everyday you cant change that! Its good to hear that we arent the only ones hoggin all the heat down here! Anyways but yes Elder Olsen is gone, he is off the the Coast! Should be fun, its all a lot cooler in temp. there seeing that he is on the coast. He's been here 4 months or so and it was time for him to go! :( Gosh I just love all my comps. I hate when I have to leave ém but hey its the mission and life. SO yeah I am going to be with a latino named Elder Araujo or something like that, I have no idea who he is. Maybe he is a relative of the Araujo guy that used to play for the jazz that blowed! Haha if I remember right?! 

It really was an amazing week though, we were busy all week we didnt have any time for anything!! We were going from one place to the other planning the baptism of Silvia, making invites, and fillin´ the font! But yes as I mentioned and as you see in the photo she got BAPTIZED!!!!!!! And I had the awesome opportunity to baptize her too! :) I am super grateful, I wanted Elder Olsen to baptize her because that would have been his 1st time baptizing someone but, he didnt have pants and I guess it just worked out to be me. It was amazing, Elder Olsen actually got to confirm in Sac. Meeting the next day, and he killed it. He speaks really good spanish, I tell him everyday, I am proud of that lil´ guy! :) Im gonna miss him, he was hilarious! But anyways back to the baptism, it was awesome unfortunately none of Silvia´s fam came because they arent members and live super far away. I thought her cousin that lives like a hour away was gonna to come but she couldnt make it. But luckily this awesome boss ward stepped up and lots showed up to support her! This ward loves her, they are like all fightin with us to see who is going to get her a scrip set! Haha she really was a perfectly prepared woman, and I cant thank the Lord enough for getting to know her! :) I am also super glad to stay here and teach her more, she is a true daughter of God! :) 

Oh yeah now he comes the random paragraph where I just throw a bunch of random stuff out. Soo we think Shakira is sick because she doesnt walk around now. We leave her food and she comes and eats it when we arent around but other than that she just chills in her pen. Maybe she is dehydrated or giving birth we have no idea but it is a tragedy! I am really worried for her, shes my gurl! I love her, ha whatever! That is awesome news on Kaitlyn and Jennica, I love missions,  I love them both of those sisters! Sister missionary crush I have no idea what they are talking about......hahaha maybe but not really im super focused momma! Wow there has been a lot of passing aways lately, they are all in my prayers. How great it is to have the knowledge of the gospel and of the plan of Salvation. So that we can do fam. history and do the work in the temple. I feel ya dad I want to get soo involved in fam. history now! FamilySearch now is so so cool, and wizardly I cant wait to use it, but really! Well thats all I got, as you can tell I am rushin a lot but I love you guys TOO MUCH!!! Have a killer hot awesome week! It was great to hear from everybody especially you Big Anne luvs ya! 

les amo, Elder Tyler Ivie
Baptism of  Sylvia in Bella Italia Feb. 7, 2015

Elder Ivie, Elder Olsen & Sylvia!  An amazing day!  :-)

Chapel in Bella Italia

Camping in our backyard in Bella Italia!  Feb 2015

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