Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 16, 2015

Shakira Lives! Peruvians! and Cancún oh my! (73rd email)

Oh what a beautiful morning family!
Wow what a rollercoaster week let me tell ya'll! Elder Araujo has arrived safe and sound here in Bella Italia and to be honest I love the guy already! He's from Lima, Peru, yeah I know what you are all thinking my first Peruvian comp! Woot I was a little scared at the beginning to be honest haha but I love the kid, he's got like 8 months in the mission and is teaching me how to make peruvian food. Just like your peruvian friends Linds! But I'm sure your food dominates ours because you are all 5 star chefs so yeah maybe we'll somethin' fancy one day i'll let ya know. We did make like rice cake things yesterday, they are like the latkes the Leifers make but with no ketchup and a little different flavor! They were yum anyways!
Anyways wow we've been on the hunt for people lately because sadly when you baptize someone, sometimes this happens when you dont know where to go next. But luckily we have been blessed to get to know a kid named Sebastian, who is the brother of another inv. we have. He pays lots of attention, and wants to get baptized we just gotta get him to church. Also he wants to take advantage of the summer and hangout a lot so he doesnt have too much time for us as he says but he´s gettin there! If you could pray for him that would be fabulous. Even though I know you guys already do it. :)
This week I received a letter from the Irvine's, it was Kailtyn's (Sister Irvine's I mean) farewell invitation!! :) So awesome, I hope she is doing good and getting used to the mission life, sometimes I wish to be back into her shoes! Because that was such an exciting time for me, it was tough, but it changed me forever. However I am super grateful for the experiences the Lord has given me here in Uruguay that I will never regret!
A new change has started and Ive been thinking a lot about what I want to change and I came across this scripture. Its quite powerful and direct but it hit me hard 
35 Wherefore, know by this thing which thou hast said, thaif the Gentiles have not charitybecause of our weakness, that thou wilt prove them, and take away their talentyea, even that which they have received, and give unto them who 
shall have more abundantly.

It hit me hard because I want to work on my charity and love. I noticed that I was striving to develop that Christ-like attribute as much as I should of! So this change is going to be filled with love! Heavenly Father really does answer prayers! :) 
Oh yeah also in like a month we as a zone are all going to have interviews with Pres. and go to the temple!!!! :) They all challenged us to find a family name to take the temple that day! Not to stress you guys at all, but if a specific person comes in mind that needs some work done I would love to do it! :) Well obviously its my own family! I think I also might have the opportunity to do baptism too if it needs to be done. Should be an awesome experience, I cant wait! Hopefully we can find someone and work it out. Just wanted to let you guys know.
Oh yeah and almost forgot Valentines Day was a blast actually! Well I think they celebrate it down here but not like it is in the states. However we went to the Belloni Ward and helped the elders over there with an activity they were doing called Viajes de Cancún (Cancun Travels)! Its where a bunch of people go around playing games trying to win money so they can ¨pay¨ for the trip to Cancun. So thats where we came in, I had a little game where you had to bounce ping'pong balls into cups of water. Just little games like that people played and when all was finished, depending on how much money they got determines where they will sit in the plane. After everyone is done boarding the plane, we did a little simulation of the plane taking off. But then suddenly something went wrong with our plane and we crash and die!! Haha this is a super lame explanation of the activity but long story short, they took us around to show what it would be in the 3 Kingdoms of Glory. So yeah we had a good time, had a little spiritual thought about the plan of salvation and had refreshments! You guys are probably like that sounds lame but it was really fun, I just cant explain it!
PS: SHAKIRA LIVES! I think she was depressed for some reason so she just sat in her pen all day long starving herself. But she´s walking now and we gave her some rice yesterday and she´s been feasting every since. :)  Also that is so awesome to hear about Jennica, she looks amazing! I agree with her on the Christ-like attributes thing I just find it hard to sometimes recognizing them in the moment. Christ-like experiences come to Christ-like missionaries I always say! :)
Anyways thats its folks sorry Linds about not writing, I honestly thought I wrote you recently but I guess I forgot to don't hate me! I'll give you shout out this week or next week! Love ya babe! Just like I love you ALL TOO MUCH have a fab. week, paz!
Elder Olsen & Elder Ivie proud to be an American!

Goodbye Elder Olsen :-(  Hello Elder Araujo :-)

Zombie Minecraft toy...what?!!!!

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