Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rolling... (89th email)

            URUGUAY! We saw that they destroyed Guatemala 5-1!! Did you guys see the game?? Ummm oh yeah quick question too is ´Merica in the CopaAmerica?? Rumor has it they arent...and I am very upset.
            Anyways I just got Grandmas card, its great to hear that she is all caught up on the emails and coming back North soon! J And oh yeah and good news about Jim and Donna! Also I think I have just received my last ensigns for the mission Ñ) but that's alright thank you SO SO MUCH Mom it was a HUGE blessing to have that system to get ensigns before anyone love you too much!! J
            It was a good fast Sunday this week, I felt like my stomach was eating itself but I surely did need the fast physically and spiritually! We had SO MANY PEOPLE pop in at the beginning of sacrament meeting it was insane. F showed up this week, G dropped her off for the 3 hours and F just loves it everytime she goes! G unfortunately couldnt go because she had to take care of someone but she is doing super good. I think every charla that we have with her, we come to realize how complicated her situation really is. She is sooo ready, and so is her daughter but their situation isn´t quite yet. They want to get baptized and sealed in the temple but they have to make a few changes first. HOWEVER the Lord is really working hard through them to get the boyfriend to open up a little! He actually let F come this week, she wasnt going to make it to church this week but they convinced him to let her go!!! Also we had a charla with them yesterday and one of F´s questions was ¨when can I get baptized?¨ Sooo yeah she is SUPER ready and she can get baptized and maybe thats what the G´s boyfriend needs to see to open up so we will see how this week goes. We´ll see what decision to make because it aint ours! So yeah keep praying for them, they need all the prayers they can get!
            Other than that we are doing amazing as a companionship, I LOVE Elder Rollings Stones! J His toe is getting better, he worked all week on it, so far so good. This might be my last week with him, he already has 4mths. in Santa Lucia so sadly Elder Rollins bye bye, I think I might cry...
SOOO next week is CHANGES, holy hannah montana! Tuesday expect an email from me, ok_
            A fun thing we did this week was we went to go ask this guy that was making these scone things on the side of a street.  We asked if he knew someone. He said no but as good missionaries do we BOUGHT a scone and started talking about his life and beliefs! But it became a little complicated because other customers came up so we kind of just waited patiently until he was done with them, then continue talking. However he never got done, more and more and more people started coming so we thought we lost him. BUT being good missionaries as we are, I hope, we started talking to the customers about the gospel!!! So while they waited for their scones we taught them the goods of the gospel. Got their addresses and got a few new investigators to teach! Yay! It turned out that the guy making the scones didnt really want anything but he took a pamphlet and wished us luck. So you never know what will happen in sticky situations like that but the Lord sure does! J I enjoyed that experience a lot!
            Scripture that I liked for the week, is in D&C 103:36. The Lord measures how victories and blessings we receive on our desires and will to do HIS work! J
            This upcoming week, we got some good cush comin´up. Zone Meeting tomorrow, and interviews with Pres. Cook on Wednesday! JAlways LOVE the interviews with President, he always knows what to say. So yeah super excited for this week! 

And just to let you guys know a miracle just happened, like just now! Well sort of I just found out from my comp. Elder Araujo from Bella Italia, that Silivia´s brother (you remember Silvia right, how could ya forget about her?) well her brother is taking the charlas now, in Durazno (my first zone I was in) and is going to get BAPTIZED in a few weeks here! Hope it all goes well, I am already starting to see the blessings of gospel through generations! :) Just thought I would share that with ya, it got me teary eyed I love the mission! :) 

Thanks for the love and prayers every week, they are heard and felt by me especially LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!! Linds dont work too much that goes for you too Dad, I wonder where Linds got that from? Haha its in the blood! Have a fab summer! Love ya´ll

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie 

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