Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, June 22, 2015

New comp., now it's us and Saint Lucy :) (91st email)

The Ivie Fam!
                YAY hey guys again! J Writing you guys a little later today, we just played some futbol, ate and did some shopping (not for just myself too) ;) if you didn’t notice already ;).
                Alright to confirm the craziness last week, my comp. has arrived! His name is Elder Connor and he isn’t from Utah but from Raleigh, North Carolina! J Funny thing is, he was trained by one of my favs and one of your favs as well Elder Petersen!!! J He's a good kid, I like him! J Super serious, and quiet like me at the beginning of the mission but he's awesome! I think I will be spending my last few changes in the mish with him here in Saint Lucy! J
                First off before we get too deep into the email, I TOTALLY JUST GOT your trunky letters already!! USA here we come oh my gosh, thank you for those, Im guessing they got here a little early but I will bear it out to Sept. 10 for ya guys! It better be worth it, hahaha jk it was when I got to the CCM, those letters still help me when I look back through my journal so thanks pappie and momisis!
                Anyways Im doing great here, it was a cold week though. Winter has finally come for reals now. Its been quite the transition with the weather and comps I still don’t know what to think, I don’t even know how to describe this week but what we do know is that F is so getting BAPTIZED this Saturday!!! J Im gonna be in contact with Elder Rollins this week to see if President gave him permission to come back, I would have to say that he lives like 3hrs. away from Santa Lucia, I hope he can come back! F is doing awesome right now, she really wants to get baptized for herself and not for anyone else. She is so excited for this weekend but we got to prepare just a bit more. News on G this past week she told us that she is getting separated with her partner this week! Yeah we were shocked we tried to convince her that the Gospel is for the whole family but she already made her decision. She doesn’t like the example he is to her and her daughter so yeah keep praying for them, the whole Family A so that everything turns out alright. #verycomplicatedsituation
                Other than that not too much happened this week, we had a great Stake Conf. weekend where a Seventy came (I cant remember his name) but he spoke to us about having an efficient Ward Council. I LOVED the meeting, it made me super excited to work with them more this week! I think the work with the ward is a big key that we are missing here as a companionship. I think working with the members little by little we will have great results. The goal of the mission is not to just baptize baptize baptize. Its to baptize more, retain more, and rescue more! J We will be able to get more with MORE work with the members of Santa Lucia. It should be a good change, Im pumped! My district is named Ivie League so yeah we are pretty much the coolest! J

Well yep thats the week sorry very vague, Ive ran out of time again but I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Have a fab week, its good to hear everybody that has been changed by the mission, I testify it does, IF YOU LET it, and try your best, thanks dad! :) Have a fab week, enjoy the pics
Welcome to Santa Lucia 

To welcome new companion--June 2015 

New comp Elder Connor & Elder Ivie

Modeling by a random sign in Santa Lucia

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