Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

PEW!!!!!!!! (90th email)

Hey Guys!
Ahhh such good news from the ward, I cant believe just about everyone is home already, makes me feel older and older everyday. And yes I will go looking for a Suarez Jersey for Paul dog, he is my Uruguayo homie! (With a collar right?)
Anyways Im sure you guys are anxious for the changes as well soooo YEAH IM STAYING, Im pretty sure I am dying here in the mission which I am very happy about! :) And its even more GRINGO time here in Santa Lucia, I believe my new comps name is Elder Larsen but I guess I will see him tomorrow! Oh yeah and I am still DL! :) Oh yeah rando info. Elder Petersen is now a DL too , woot for him haha! Oh yeah and I talked to him last night and he told me that you Mom and Dad are like best buds with his parents now!! And that you are going to his homecoming in like 6-7 weeks, he loved the idea! HOWEVER he is going to send me a trunky pic with him and you guys at his homecoming and its going to destroy me! Haha jk but he gets to see you guys before me no fair! ;) It will sure be fun for you guys, I love Elder Petersen so much! He is a homie too. Oh yeah my comp. Elder Rollins is obviously leaving to Maldonado, a tourist zone next to the beach so fun for him! And yes if you couldnt tell already I am going to miss him A LOT! I love that guy, we were chill. :)
Alright moving on from the sappy stuff, we HAD A SEMANA LOCASA! Yeah crazy week, I dont even know where to start. GLOFLO (G and F), ahhh we had such a great week with them. On Thursday we had the plan to ask F when she would like to get baptized. We got to the charla and asked her, and G was like this aint my decision, she can get baptized whenever she feels ready, she doesnt have to wait for me! After she said that F perked up and said but Mom Ive already made me decision. YES she already prayed if she should be baptized and she got her answer!! She is prepared and amazing, she is 10 yrs. old but raised by her mom in religion and that she gets it and feels the spirit so strong in the charlas and when she reads the BofM with her Mom every night! SO yes we out a baptism date for the June 27th!!!!!!!!! 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! Or less!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the prayers, dont stop praying she is super excited, so is her mom and her Dad has accepted the baptism which is good.
On the other hand G is also doing amazing and wants to get baptized so much. Yesterday she told us that she had made the decision that at the end of this week, she was going to separate with her partner forever. Yeah. That came out of nowhere, she told us that she has been praying for quite some time now and feels that she should get separated with him. And let me tell ya this aint an easy situation, because as we know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for FAMILIES! :) And we want all this family to have a chance to receive the blessings from Heavenly Father. But G feels its gone on too long and that he is not going to change. We had no idea what to say, we told her to keep praying and looking for the right solution to this problem and she said she would. But she is pretty set on this decision! We are SUPER HAPPY for her because she might be able to get to her goal of baptism and temple soon but the situation is super complicated. So keep praying with us for her and F so that they can have an assurity what they are going to do!
Quickly and lastly we had interviews with Pres. Cook, and it was super special as usual. He gave me some great advice and all I could feel was an intensive amount of pure joy from my Father in Heaven that He loves and cares for me! I really felt what the scripture in Mosiah 4:11 describes as having tasted of his LOVE and receiving a great JOY, or something like that. It is great to have this assurity that as long as I am doing my best daily, He will make up for my faults! Good stuff, I think I have mentioned that scrip. before because its one of my favs in the mission now!
Alright bye guys sorry ran out of time, but have a fab week as usual! :) LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH!!
Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
yeah ive turned into a model these days...what can I say the mission is wonderful!

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