Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 11, 2015

TOO LONG! (85th email)

There we are!!  YAY!!!!
Hola to the ola!
                Wow hace mucho quo no nos vimos! ;) Its been awhile fam, its been a brutal 1 day without seeing or hearing from ya! I hope everything is ok. But really that was amazing yesterday, super weird that it was our last one! Thanks Mom and Dad for being preoccupied about my future, I guess I just have a hard time accepting it. I'm really looking forward to good times with ya guys again! J But with that being said, I am SO DOWN for family vacations to Cali and Moab, if I had to choose it would be them both! Also I hope you guys enjoy the pics, my comp was getting ya´ll good haha! J
                Alright clarifications about Santa Lucia if you didnt understand last night. We are in the city of Santa Lucia, the ward is called Santa Lucia it is one of the oldest wards in Uruguay which means there is A LOT of history here as well as drama unfortunately. Its about a ward of 60-70 members that come every week! Yesterday was a bit brutal because it was mothers day and voting here so the numbers were fairly low sadly. More info, Santa Lucia belongs to the department or county you could say Canelones which is just outside of Montevideo! Interestingly enough this place really reminds me of my 1st area Durazno. J Oh yeah random there is a member here that totally knows where Highland is, and you will never guess who he´s related to...the Buhlers!!!! Its his brother’in’law or something like that! Small world eh?! I reallly like this ward, it is super peaceful here and my comp Elder Rollins is a 35 AP test genius, yeah I am chump compared to him but I love ´em! J
                Grandma it was awesome to see you made it yesterday, I love your cards and appreciate them so much! J It was great to see you, I love you TOO MUCH! To answer your question from yesterday, I had to think about it for a minute and I have come to a conclusion. To be honest with ya there are SO MANY things I have learned and would LOVE to apply after the mission. Im sure with time I will be given opportunities in my life to apply them but what I have come down to is let the Holy Spirit guide! Its a principle that is essential to progress to Our Heavenly Father. It first starts with the preparation so the Spirit can not only be with us but STAY with us! Daily prayer and scripture study is a great way to welcome the spirit into the day. Our daily decisions will determine our eternal progress, our Father has provided us a guide so that we can obtain what He has. So to sum it all up is to be worthy of Spirit day by day so that He can guide us in EVERY decision and thing that we make and do! J I really love this principle and I hope it made sense to you.
                Today, P-day is going to be a good one, I get to write you guys a LONG email because I got time, after we be eating lunch then off to play tennis-raquet ball with a less active we are working with! He´s so cool! J

So thats the week in a wrap!! :) Great to hear about Blaze Call, and Joey atta boy! Thanks for everything peeps you are my loved ones! Have a fab week as always and I will try to get caught up with you guys soon on the readin´ see ya! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH, hope you like the pics hehehe!!

Les , Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Eating CHEVICE that Elder Aruajo made!  LOVE fish!!

             BYE Bella Italia and Shakira!

       Hello Elder Rollins and 10 kilos of rice!

Eating HONEYCOMB right from the branch!  Kind of weird but sweet!
Sunset in Santa Lucia with Elder Rollins!

Ahhhhh!!!!  MOTHER'S DAY 2015!

My two beautiful sisters!!!  Love them!

Excited to talk to the fam!!

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