Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, May 18, 2015

Una semana barbara! (86th email)

Barbaro Familia Barbaro!
                W.O.W it was a crazy busy week, but such a rewarding one. First off sorry I am emailing so late we had a Zone Activity this morning in Santa Lucia!! We played some futbol, volleyball, and ate chorizos and ice cream! It turned out sooo good, at little stressful because we had to buy all the food for 20 people. Sooo I guess I kind of know how you feel Momma, sorry I didnt know how stressful it was.
                Anyways to the week, we have this investigator named G that has a SUPER LONG complicated story but the missionaries have been teaching her for  about 3-4 months now. My comp. Elder Rollins told me a good analogy that describes G perfectly! So once upon time there was a stonecutter that was sledge hammering a huge boulder and when he hit it the 100th time it broke, but it wasnt the 100th time that made it break. It was the 99 times before that!! This whole time the Spirit has been preparing her, and it hasnt been easy for us or her to get her to this point. But it was amazing to see through the small answers from the Spirit, G has gotten to this point. Where is she at now? Well yesterday we had an amazing charla with her and her daughter F. Another testimony builder, about having members in lessons they can testify of marriage and eternal families so much more powerfully because they are going through it first hand. So anyways she has come down to the conclusion that she has to get BAPTIZED in this church!!!! :) So she said she felt READY, same with her daughter F!! :) The only thing that she needs to do now is do everything she can so she can get to the font, which includes living the Law of Chastity. Yes she isnt married and living with someone so she has come down to the conclusion that she either gets married to him or separates from him! She is going to take it to the Lord this week, so can I ask for some fervent prayers this week for her so she can make this important decision! :) I testify that the Spirit works in people, just as it works in us! She has progressed so much since the first time she came in contact with the missionaries. For example she had doubts about the priesthood, temples, she would NEVER even think about putting on a skirt to go to church and we saw her yesterday with a skirt on in church! Haha that was super big for her, now she doesnt have these doubts she testified in Relief Society that she KNOWS that the BofM is true and is word of God. She is amazing and its been quite special to see that boulder just crack for the 100th time this week! :) Ahh there is so much more to tell, because she has received so many answers to her prayers. Maybe later I will tell you guys more! 

Alright random quick other news, we built a house on Saturday, well we built a roof which was super boss, send pics next week! :) Umm momma if you could keep me informed about college classes that would be fab. :) Thanks again for doing that! I am doing awesome everybody, sorry if I dont write as much, being a DL is a busy job! Heard that Nina Dobrev is gone momma NOOOOO! What else? I love my comp. he is a skwirmy stud! Peace out till next week! LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH! Great to hear about Braxton and stud lookin Cammy.

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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