Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 10, 2014

GRINGOS KILLIN' IT!!!!! (19th email)

                Bastante bien semana! Esta semana fue muy deficil pero maravillosa también. Like I say always every week is better and better in some way. First off I GOT THE OTHER PACKAGE!!!!! J GOLDEN thank you so so so so so so much guys. The candy is amazing and all my favorites too, well any american candy is my favorite! I took it way to for granted before the misión. The Hymn looks so good for Elder Castro, he would have loved it! Just a tad week late but maybe I will find a way to mail it to him.  J
                The week was super tough and fun! Me and Elder Western have been working and staying busy focusing on 3 investigators. First A, we knocked on her house, we talked and agreed for us to come back. Since then we have had 2 charlas with her and she has been sort of interested. However she has been difficult to get to church because she simply doesnt want to go. So we have been trying to teach the importance of the church and really trying to find a friend her age in the church to go with! Unfortunately she said ¨she was going on vacation until this Friday¨so hopefully we can pick up with her on Friday and get her to church on Sunday! Second, her name is J she is a friend of a member about 15 years old. We have bene trying to set up a charla with her but we found out that she lives all the way in a pueblito called Carlos Reyles and she can really only come out once a week for church if she is interested. Thats the key we arent sure if she is interested, this week we will definitely. However she did attend church last week with her friend and she says she wants to learn more about the Mormon church! So thats a plus! Lastly J, I have told you guys about her the Little girl that is Alexis´s age. She is one difficult girl to get a hold of. She is either gone or some excuse comes up! But we did talk to her after church yesterday and we talked about her desire to be baptized. As of right now we dont think she is ready so we are crossin fingers and prayin lots that we can have a couple charlas this week to prepare her to meet the waters of baptism and progress! She is awesome, super happy girl, and shes got the family support in the church which is most important! Other than that we are working on a few menos activos and strengthen the Ward with activities! Super fun! J Oh yeah the weather has been incredible the week! Uruguay has bipolarness weather like Utah!! Raining one momento then super blazing humid scorcher the next! Im telling ya the humidity is destroying me! But I promise I am alive, I keep putting on sunscreen and hope it doesnt wash off with all the sweat!
                Anyways thats my week I have a Little spiritual thought that I learned from a Zone Conference we had. We read in Genesis 22, where it talks about when Abraham has to sacrifice his son. We all how the story goes but the part I loved the most is when Abraham says something  3 times in the whole chapter. In Spanish Abraham says ¨Heme aquí¨. In English it translates to ¨here I am¨what an amazing phrase. Abraham had unshakable faith in Heavenly Father, he didn´t doubt he was all ready to sacrifice his ONE and ONLY son just to be obedient and faithful to God. I then asked my self, am I doing all I can to obey God? Am I working in His sons place they best of my abilites? As I said its been super humid this week and I got to admit its been hard to go out to that beastly heat. But I do it, its definitely super hard and not the funnest to walk the streets like that. But Mom, Dad, Lindsay, and Alexis I love the Lord so much!! My goal everyday day is to make His will my will. To be dilligent and obedient as best I can! I am definitely not perfect at this I can tell ya that. But im trying and I know the Lord will bless me! J Lord, ¨Heme aquí.¨
                To clear up some questions. Elder Western is from SANDY UTAH!! Haha can you believe that small world as you said mom! :) He has 16 months in the mission so he is pretty darn old. He came from a place called Fryle Muerto (i think thats how you spell it). The name says it all it means dead fryer! Hahaha he said it was suuuuper hard but he is a stud super good at spanish and speaks fast! The rain has been MEGA this week as I said but fortunately the flooding has gone down a bit. However news around town is that they had to evacuate like 1.500 people!!! I dont know about you but that seems like a lot to me! But people have started to move back in and everything is getting better. We have seen the power of faith and prayer in this hard time for these people. Miracles are real, this has been the topic amongst the ward this week thanks for all your prayers! Donna and Jim feliz ataciones!!!!!! Woohoo that is such great news thats going to be awesome for them. Tell them congrats and I love them for me! How long is their mission? AND OHHHHHH I knew you were going to talking about the Olympics, ohhh the flying tomato! Im gonna miss him, winter is always my favorite too! Esta bien a mission is of course better but that doesnt mean I can cheer on ´Merica! USA USA! Too sick I hope to see Gold medal flow this next week. Alright fam thats all I got! Buenas suerte con el español! Haha Les amo!! :) Love you guys forever and always until next week que pasa lindo!
PS: Next week me and Elder Western will be going to Montevideo on Pday to sign for my VISA finally! Haha so I am not quite sure yet but, we might not be able to email. I sure hope we can, I am easily finding some way to at least write something. But if I cant, dont be alarmed Im ok Momma! J Loves

Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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