Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

New Companion & Day at the Zoo!!! (18th email)

Dearest Familia,
                La obra misional esta aquí en Durazno es mucho mejor!! Anyways I met my new comp. On Wednesday and he is awesome. He is a stud muffin and a super good missionary. He has the strongest desire to serve the Lord and makes me strive to be a better missionary. Life is honestly best when we are busy in the service of God. This past week has been mega busy trying to get new investigators but we have had so much success! One of them has a baptismal date for the 21st of February and she is super interested. Another one named J, 16 years old, attended church with a friend so she is already progressing! Attending church helps an investigator progress so much and get more comfortable to open up to us missionaries. We just need her mom to allow us to come over and have a charla with her! Haha we are super anxious and hoping we get one this week! Oh yeah also J (another investigator) her baptism obviously didnt follow through but we are hoping this next month we can help her get ready. We definitely don't want to rush things because what I learned super early in my mission and Elder Western totally agrees with me is why rush a baptism if the person is just going to fall away in 2 weeks. I'm not saying thats going to happen but it did happen to her brother and we and her family don't want the same thing for her. So that is our mission this month! Wish us luck and thanks for the prayers as well! I know they help because she attended the church yesterday!! WOOT WOOT! Not much to tell about the missionary work but we are definitely remaining busy and finding some good new investigators prepared by the Lord. And also one goal that me and Elder Western have is to focus a lot more on the menos activos. Because as I found out recently this ward has like 350 plus people in it but only 60 or some attend. THATS A HUGE PROBLEM!! We have already visited 3 inacitve families so now we just need to get back to church! AHH menos activos are hard but if we can rekindle the spark they used to have with the Spirit I know they will come to church this next week!! YO TENGO FE! :) 

Anyways this week has had some unexpected surprises as you guys know its been raining like a MEGA here! And those words don't even describe it all. As of yesterday people have been going crazy because Rio Yi (River Yi) has been overflowing this whole week with the rain and its reached the outer parts of our area. So yesterday people started to evacuate out of their homes. We are far enough away that I believe we will be safe but keep those people in your prayers. Its a pretty crazy situation and they say the rain wont really stop until tomorrow or so. Its possible that it could rise even more than it has! The worst its ever been and we are in summer here!! Also another surprising unexpected thing happened this week. We got a call on Friday from the Bishop that the recent convert that me and Elder Castro visited all the time named Francis passed away. I was in shock we were such good friends with him and we just talked this past Sunday right before Elder Castro left! He died of a heart attack. So me and Elder Western attended the funeral on Friday. Super sad to see such a good friend pass away but one unique thing the church has. A knowledge of the Plan of Salvation I will be able to see Francis again and give him a huge hug saying ¨You did it!´ What perfect timing right? He got baptized attended the temple and recieved the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood! He was an amazing man! :)

Well anyways got to go dont have as much time today as usual but I LOVE you all and always will! Have an awesome week and dont forget about dooby this week! HIS BDAY WAS YESTERDAY! Love that little guy! :)

Love Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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