Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

28 de Enero (17th email)

What up familia?! How is the good ol´January cold? Almost February how crazy is that! Time is flying, and things are getting a lot better.  As you guys might know Elder Castro has returned home to his house in Columbia. He left yesterday (Monday), a little sad but he was ready to go. You guys might have already talked to him over facebook but if not probably this week. He was a good missionary I will miss him a bit. Yesterday, and today I am working with the other Elders in our house, Elder Chuctaya and Elder Ence as a tri-companionship!! Woot woot!  Its awesome I love working with them, they are a bunch of studs. Also yesterday night I found out who my next companion is going to be……….ohhhhh wait for it……..Elder WESTERN! I dont know him , never met him.  We will see how it works out I meet him tomorrow! We will be working in Barrio Centro for another change woot woot! We definitely got a lot of work to do.
                Sorry I dont think I can send pictures with this email like I promised. Bummer, I have so many pics to show you guys but I dont have a camera cable. I have been using Elder Castro´s this whole time and I still need to go buy one. I wil for sure next week though I promise for reals! Oh yeah and Dad how are the chats with Maxy? He is one crazy kid. I love that you are befriending everyone I know on my mission. J P.S. Dad I loved your talk from 2 weeks ago, super inspiring and cheesy at the beginnning haha the inter-net, angry birds, and twitter oh my goodness typical Dad! This week has been pretty darn good with the Spanish! Its a miracle patience and dedication really does work! J I have really been trying to trust in the Lord and listening for the promptings of the Spirit. I have come to find out that its more important to listen to the investigators and what they say. And then with faith and inspiration the Spirit testifys and literally helps you say what the Lord wants you to say. I know this works and it has been a huge testimony builder especially this week!
                My spiritual thought is in one of my favorite books in the Book of Mormon, Enos. As its probably the same for a lot of people as well. I have always loved this book but I dont think I really have likened the experience of Enos to myself. I challenge you guys to read that story again and thinks of the times when you have had a doubt or a question in mind. What did you do?  Did you cry or pour your soul out to the Lord for forgiveness or an answer. I learned in vs. 4 the importance of sincere prayer. Without a sincere prayer how are we going to recieve in answer if the Lord knows we dont really mean it. Then Enos´s experience goes on, it talks about Enos conversing with the Lord. The Lord says your sins are forgiven ¨because of your faith¨multiple times. I cant count the countless times that the Lord has healed or blessed someone because of their FAITH. Thats the only way we can be healed, is first having faith in him to repent. Its the first principle of the Gospel, and its one of the hardest for me to do. I know my faith increased after reading this experience from Enos. I know if I have faith in Lord and His Atonement all will be ok no matter what! Just like the quote you sent me Mom. Thanks so much sounds like we are kind of in the same thought process right now!  Thats what I learned this week, sorry its pretty obvious but I think I understand faith more and I wanted to share that with you guys. J

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