Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 6, 2014

FELIZ AÑO NUEVO -- (13th email)

                Bienvenido a 2014! Amazing week here in good ol´Durazno! President Newsome let us stay out working until 10:30pm on New Years Eve. We went to the family that gives us barbeque everytime. They are soo good to us! But unfortunately they didnt have barbeque ready so we just got apple soda which totally reminded of the classy tradition of MARTENELLI´S!! Sooo sick you guys better have had some. We went back to the house and the fireworks started. GOODNIGHT!! Fireworks ever, waaay more than Utah. It was so awesome and sooo pretty however the neighbors across the street were literally throwing bombs at our feet. Literally throwing grenades that like blast your ears out. And they had like a lot of them, that part stunk instead of watching firworks we were more worried about not destroying our ears. But besides that it wasnt a bad day. You guys probably watched the ball drop as usual.  Also this week me and Elder Castro have been really trying to step it up what we should always do. The mission has a pyramid of success I guess you could call it that. There are 4 points at the bottom that are key to finding people and having success on your mission. They are tesify with power, prepare (with PMG, Scriptures, prayer), be one as a companions, and exact obedience. This points me and Elder Castro have been really focusing on this week and has the Lord worked miracles. The Lord has blessed us with so much success, like a few charlas (lessons) with new investigators, baptismal dates for the 25 of January, and lots of referrals. The members have been awesome at giving us lots of referrals. Dad, Francis did overcome his addicting and is active as ever! He is one of my favorite converts. Sorry not much to tell but we have been super busy and we are doing amazing here. One of my best weeks in misson so far! Dad thank you so much for the suggestions with the new year goals and everything. Super important for missionaries as you probably know we are always making and trying to achieve personal and companionship goals every week! I also took your advice and reflected on this last year. And boy has its been a crazy year let me tell ya. It kind of blows my mind how much I have accomplished this year! And of course most importantly traveling across the world to serve my Savior. J Also thanks dad for the courage, determination, and faith quote every week. I would mutter that to myself a couple times a day and boy has it helped me this week too. I told you, you give the best advice same with you Momma. I really got the best parents in the world! J Vamo arriba! To answer your question there is pouch here. I might start using it. I kind of dont understand it but I will ask Elder Castro and maybe use instead of the Uruguayo Correo. And with the international stamps you sent me, will they work? Sorry a little confused. Both Forever Stamps and International Stamps are awesome! Are they basically the same? Anyways thanks Mom for always taking care of me, even in another country! You da best Momma! Sorry you had a terrible week! :( All of you guys are always in my prayers and I know the Lord will watch out for you guys! I hope this next week is a lot better with your heath and with sports. Stay strong Momma next fall football starts again. Woof that is depressing my boys and Wisconsin went down! Oh my goodness. Isnt that like the 4th year in a row Wisconsin has lost. Sorry to bring it up, and hopefully my boys are still in the playoffs! Thanks for the update Momma! :)
                One scripture I really liked this week is in Moroni 7:41,42. I love the message and it reminds me why I need to hope for things. Because as it says ïf a man have faith he must needs have hope.¨Without hope there is no faith. This week I have also been trying to focus on having hope for our investigators, the language, and my mission in general. I have felt the confidence and the peace I needed this week. Im so grateful the Lord has taught me this lesson.  I also feel the hope and the love the Lord has for me. J   

Thanks for the email Mom, Dad, and Linds! Love my family so much (and Alexis of course! :)) Sorry about the scare I dont know why I didnt get the email the first time. Have an amazing week! Courage, determination, and faith. LOVE YOU GUYS!! :)

Love your son, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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