Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Week--Such a GREAT week in the mission field!

Christmas Eve--LAMB, sooo good!

Dearest family!
Wow what an awesome week, it was so so nice since we talked last! Oh Christmas was so so good, talking to you guys was the best christmas present ever! J Wish I had all day to talk to you guys. 1 hour was definitely not enough but hey got to be obedient and devote my time to the Lord right now. Im just so grateful I got to see your faces and talk to you for a bit. Surprisingly it worked real good, besides the quietness on your side. Oh and I wish I could have found more about whats new with you guys! I didnt hardly ask you guys any questions I was just so overhwhelmed with excitement that I was actually talking to you guys. I got the crying genes from ya momma, thanks a lot! Haha its all good though they were mostly cries of joy! J So good to see Grandma and Anna too, love you guys thanks for everything. Since then the work of the Lord has been progressing. We had 3 investigators come to church this week, which was super exciting! And most all of them have super high chances of getting baptized. We just need to keep visiting them and commit them to a baptism date. One of them is named Fabiana, she is probably in her early 40´s. She is so awesome, she is faithfully coming to church just about every week. She is golden because she knows the truth of this góspel and wants to get baptized. However she needs to get married to her husband first. Every week we ask if she has a date for the wedding yet. She hasnt set a date yet but we are hoping at the end of next month. I´ll keep you updated on the status of her! Francis and Sambra are still coming to church and loving it! Always excited every week.
                Personally this week a Little rough for me. Its been one of those rollercoaster weeks I struggled a Little bit with the language. Its so hard to patient with it, I just want it to come instantly but this week of course I was reminded that isnt the will of the Lord. I realized that this week being patient with the language involves being patient with the Lord. One scripture I loved Reading this week came from a talk given by Elder Funk  He is from the Seventy, its a talk from last conference and he spoke about missonaries. I know that when I found this talk, it was the Lord´s response to my question. I know the Lord is always there and he wants me to be the missionary I can be. I hope this makes sense. But the scripture is in D&C 112:21,22. Amazing scriptures it was just what I needed this week. I am a called missionary of God through a prophet and I know the Lord will open the doors for me or in my case open my mouth to teach his góspel in Uruguay. He gave his promise in 21, and what I need to do to obtain this promise is in 22. I need to be humble, abide by his Word (obedience), and hearken to voice of his Spirit. This scripture is so true I have already seen that happen in my misión I think I just needed a reminder. I honestly believe the Lord can do that for me if I do the things he asks. I love that Little message you have at the end of your emails Dad. I know the Lord and you guys just want me do the best I can. I know the Lord will work miracles this week if I keep doing these things. Thank you for all the support you guys give me. As I always say it keeps me going throughout the week! J
                By the way thanks mom for the quote you sent in your last email. I love your quotes, I hung this one up in my room. I´ve been trying to give these type of gifts this week and it definitely has changed my perspective of people and of my misión in general. So thanks again Mom, love you always! J Ahhhh crossing fingers I get the package tomorrow, I am so excited! Oh also Dad I hear have been talking to this kid called Maxi. He Works with us during the day sometime. He is awesome for taking time out to work with us. I Heard you used google translate, well of course you did!  TOMMY GRAHAM AFRICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I freaked out when I saw his emaiI. I was totally joking about Africa but hey thats where he is called to go! So so so amazing I honestly cant believe it. With all this waiting and to go to Africa what the insane! So proud my Tommy Graham!  love that kid cant wait for him! Good eats you ask mom? Good eats with Kevin Brown? Jk stupid how did I remember that. Umm just the Uruguayo barbeque!! SOOO GOOD! Ummm I want to try those things that the Garcias made. They sound amazing, making my mouth wáter right now. Im so excited Thornton got married.  Honestly time has flown by I cant believe Aaron is already heading out too!! Ahhh exciting week, I cant wait for him too! We are going to be in the same continent soon! Booyah! What a stud he is. GOOO WISCONSIN BBALL. Ballers!! Who is playing for them. They have got to be number 1 by now! AND MY BOYS PULLED IT OUT!!!!! Sooooo sick against the bears too even better. Good ol Cobby and ARodge, nothing like em. And of course Jordy but im super glad they are both back in and hopefully fully healed. Well I think that is just about it. Love you guys so much , have an amazing week and FELIZ ANO!! (HAPPY NEW YEAR!!)  J

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