Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, December 19, 2013

BIRTHDAY week (11th email)

I am elder castro and im training your son, he is a great missionary and he helps me to be a better missionary  and i am grateful to be his companion.
                Haha hooola familia! Elder Castro insisted on writing something to you guys! His english isnt bad eh!?!? Its getting a lot better, I had to help him a bit but he is doing awesome. First I would like to apologize I forgot to tell you guys pday wasnt on Monday this week. Its obviously today because this week is changes week! Woot woot!! And the verdict is…….nothing haha of course I wasnt expecting anything. Me and Elder Castro are staying here in Durazno. I thought he was going to be moved because he has been here for 2 changes already. But Elder Castro is now District Leader for our district so that should be a blast for him. Anyways my week was pretty full as usual. My bday was good, definitely quite the different experience with no friends and family here. We just stayed busy working, a member family sung Happy Birthday to me which was pretty cool but the best part was Sunday. Since we had more time Sunday night after working we cooked the godos!!!!! Dont worry we bought everything the night before. We cooked up carne asado, churizo and boy was it amazing. Quite the long process but 2 and half hours to cook up, so worth it though. Soooo juicy and seasoned perfectly, it was a fiesta!! We also cooked up this weird thing called chinchuline, its basically fat wrapped in intestines. It was so weird, it wasnt good or bad. It had no flavor but it was super chewie. Pretty interesting and to top off the night we had dulce de leche ice cream! Awesome night dont ya think_ But hey momma your cooking is still number one on my list
(also thanks for the extra money mom and dad). We had a Multi’Zone conference this week with Presidente Newsome and all the assistants. It was pretty awesome I love it when Presidente speaks because his Spanish is kind of slow, and super easy to understand. However so powerful at the same time, he is an awesome Presidente. I saw a couple of my friends from my CCM group too which is always awesome. Presidente challenged all of us to hablar con todos )talk to all= and so thats what we did. That meeting got me and Elder Castro so pumped to keep going and find those children of God prepared for us. We have been talking to all this week and we placed 6 baptism dates!! Booyah! Good times here in Durazno but it was rough too because all the lessons we had planned with them fell through and they didnt attend church this week too. But we are keeping high spirits and praying we can teach some of them this week, hopefully all! I feel like if we can teach them or show them the wonderful spirit of the church. The Holy Ghost will really tesify the truth of this wonderful góspel. Thats just about it with the investigators. As I have said before a huge part of missionary work is keeping converts active and excited to come closer to Christ. Regarding Francis, he is doing so so good now. He had that Little rough spot but now he really has made a change and has come to church 2 times in a row and also gave up smoking!! It is amazing to see someone make a change like that. Which can only happen through the Spirit of the Lord. Now he is super happy, and loves it when we visit and check up on him! Oh yeah also with that, Francis´s sister Sambra is a convert too but less active. However this week there is a new spark in her! She lives in the same house as Francis and she allowed us to talk with her, and I think Francis has been helping out too. I know the Spirit of the Lord touched her heart too and the result she came to church this week! And more importantly she loved it! So things have been really really good this week and I hope there is a lot more to come. Language is the same as usual, I am learning more everday but its definitely a line upon line precept upon precept principle. Other than that, this was my week. This upcoming week changes day is tomorrow (Wednesday) and so ALL the missionaries will be going to Montevideo again to switch and we also have a special Christmas Devotional thing which im pretty excited for!
                This week I dont really have a crazy awesome spiritual thought but I enjoyed studying and Reading President Monsons talk last conference Ï Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee¨. I remember listening to this talk the first time and it really hit me! Super comforting to know the Lord and His Atonement is always there through times of good and bad! That is one amazing promise in Joshua 1:5.
                Dad thanks for the email, its so awesome to hear Andrew, well probably Elder Peterson now leaving out on the best experience of his life!! Ahhh incredibly excited for him! What is his misión again? I feel bad I cant remember, its stateside right? Regarding President Peterson he is one amazing guy and a great example of faith and perserverance! I hope the best for him, I keep him in my prayers every night. Thanks for the amazing thought too Dad. What a great reminder that we need God, we need to love him. And why wouldnt we? He always loves us, no matter what we do. He is has given us so many blessings in life so the least we can do is be grateful of them and love him back. J

   Do you guys have a english mini hymn book that I could give to Elder Castro he really wants one! Haha let me know thanks again! You guys went to Texas Roadhouse on my birthday!!!! ohh my, too sick!! That was the place we went out to eat before I left!! Soooo good. Did Lindsay come? And the Yoakums came too?!?! Oh my goodness fiesta to the max, I hope it was so fun! I love talking to Carson he really is the studliness missionary. Well at least right now! Dad is the studliness missionary of all time! Haha good sport week MY BOYSSSS!!! Holy nerve racking game, I was like biting my nails reading that! I cant believe they pulled it out! Clutch interception from Shields and dude Flynn is a stud. We never should have got rid of him. Keep him forever! He doesnt play anywhere else. Crossing fingers Rodgers comes back this week. All I want for Christmas is for Rodgers to come back! Haha jk all I want is to talk to you guys. Anyways Gordon what a stud keep it up. He is the only one keeping the Jazz alive. Surprisingly the Uruguayos know the Jazz and some of them like em! I dont know how but they did, its soo weird. Thanks Grandma for the support as always! I love you so so much and cant wait to talk to you on Christmas woot woot! :)

Alright thats all I got. Thanks so much for being the best family in the world. I look forward to this time everyweek to see whats new! Love you guys more than I can say. Have an amazing week and all I can say is I will be talking to you guys 2 times this week! BOOYAH!! ¡FELIZ NAVIDAD! 


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