Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week of Feliz Navidad Photos

Zone at the Christmas Conference in Montevideo 2013

Elder Ivie and Elder Castro tracting in Durazno

My week was pretty good. Elder Castro has really been helping with the language and missionary life. He helped me realize that I sometimes put a ¨wall¨up between me and the people that I talk to. Mainly because I feel inadequate with the language. Sometimes I feel scared to mess up so I just stay quiet and push the language to the side. Obviously I realized this week that it isn't my lack of knowledge of Spanish its myself being too shy to speak up. I  grateful for my companion. I'm grateful that he reminded that I can do it. He knows I can speak Spanish. Definitely not perfect but I know if the Lord wants me to say something he will help me say through the Spirit. I cant count how many scriptures that say with God anything is possible or something along those lines. This my goal this week, to trust in God and speak up! Ha yeah what else…my scripture this week is in Lucas or Luke in English. Its Luke 1Ñ79  I believe, its talking about John the Baptist and Zacharias is fortelling his missión on earth. I love this verse because its as a missionary this should be my objective, my purpose to bring people out of darkness, bring people out of their challenges into light and peace which is the Gospel of Christ. And boy was John the Baptist the perfect example of a missionary. He devoted his time and love to the Lord so he could bring souls unto Christ.
                 This week with the investigators was pretty good, we placed 2 baptism dates for the 4th of January and what's even better is we had a lesson with both of them this week too. We invited them to come to church and the both committed to coming but unfortunately no show. A little disappointing but hopefully this week we can reassure them the importance of coming to church. Something that has definitely been an eye opener on my misión is that people really struggle to stay active and to come to church every week. Dad I really appreciated what you said in your email. That scripture is so true, I believe I shared that in my talk. People really don't know where to find it. A  HUGE part of missionary week is keeping converts active. Its definitely no different here in Uruguay. This is definitely where the members come in to help. I know that if converts find member friends they will feel more welcome in the ward and more willing to come to church. A goal we have every week to involve the members more, I am so grateful for them and I know they are working miracles. Like you said Dad the local members really do know who is kept from the truth.
                Oh yeah this week was change day too, I already told you guys me and Elder Castro are sticking around here in Durazno, but all the missionaries in the misión met in Montevideo for a Christmas Conference. Super good I love Christmas time so so much! The missionary choir was amazing, and there were some super dece musical numbers that blew my mind. Presidente and Hermana Newsome spoke about Christmas and our focus on the Savior especially now. Presidente said something awesome that I loved, it was something along the lines of ÿour misión is one of the greatest opportunities you have to remember and learn of Christ.¨Super good conference, oh and the food! Cake, Soda, Ravioli buffet oh the godos! That's basically it said bye to my friends and the some of the missionaries going home because they finished their missions. Studs I look up to them so much! Yeah that was pretty much my week!
Love, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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