Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

FELIZ DICIEMBRE!!! (9th email)

 To the greatest family ever,
                Como andan?!? Feliz NAVIDAD!! Well almost but FELIZ DECIEMBRE! What a rollercoaster of a week! Tuesday was a pretty darn good day. It started off great we had a District meeting and for some reason I could understand all of it. It made me so stinkin happy that I could see myself progressing in the language! Then we visited a new investigator of ours, Carlos. He is an old man that lives alone. He was married but his wife passed away, cant remember when though. He is quite the stubborn one. Some of this first visits we just had to listen to him talk and really reach out to him. Now he trust sus, and loves it when we come over! Its still a Little hard to teach him but he is progressing because he wants to listen to us. We´ve been trying to teach him the Plan of Salvation so hopefully he will find its true this week. That would be huge step for him, the knowledge that he can see his wife again. We tried to inviting him to church this week but he turned it down. We will work with him this week ñ=
Also Francis he´s unfortunately smoking again so, its been sort of hard to have patience with him this week. But on Tuesday we told him he really, really needed to stop smoking for his health and to be obedient to the Lord. The Spirit was definitely there, then all of sudden he took his pack of cigarettes he crushed them up and gave them to us. SO AWESOME!! NO MAS! I know the Spirit prompted him to make the right decisión . And then I shared a scripture in DyC 130, verses 20,21. It was the perfect scripture for him and I think he really liked it. During the week we´ve been checking in and he says he hasnt been smoking so its been amazing to see him progress. We just need to get him to go to church again. He hasnt gone for 3 weeks now, which has been a bummer. Now we know what we have to work on this week with him.
                Then on Wednesday I had my first interchange! I went with my District leader Elder Cordova to his area about and hour away from Durazno in Paso de los Torres (I think it means land of the bulls or something) Which is a lie because I hardly saw any bulls. It was an awesome experience! I definitely like Durazno WAY better because of the trees and the city! Paso de los Torres is a pretty open area and literally has no trees. But who cares the lessons and experiences I had with Elder Cordova were amazing. He is a stud, he jokes a lot but when we need to be serious he is. He invites the Spirit to every lesson and contact we talk to. I got some good oppurtunites to bear my testimony and to talk in español mucho!! Elder Cordova is from Peru soo he hardly knows a lick of English! But it went alright, we made the best with the language barrier and things went a lot smoother tan I thought! Thats basically all that happened this week. Im looking forward to this week because I believe we are moving to nuestra casa nueva en miércoles (Wednesday)! Wahooo enough of this turible Kenny house we are in right now! I also think me and Elder Castro are going to a reunión with all the new missionaries to the misión home! That should be awesome to see all my friends again! What else? Umm oh yeah so I guess im not allowed to use Skydrive on my misson, apparently its against the rules. I had no idea so I dont think I can use it anymore. That was a super bummer so I hope sending pics through email Works, sorry gots to be obedient! I also recieved a letter from the Baums with all the missionary moments!! Thank you so much Baums, I loved hearing from my amigos!! J
                Some of my favorite scriptures this week. One of your favorites mama, Moroni 10:3. What an amazing scripture, I have  been trying to ponder the stuff I learn  every morning during personal and companionship study. And it really has helped maintain focus and staying spiritually in tune throughout the day! Also a real simple scripture but it really stood out to  me, in Mark 5:36 where Jesus says ¨Be not afraid, only believe.¨Its been helped me this week to remember to just believe and trust in the Lord and he will help me everything , especially español! Also thank so much Dad for the quote in your email last week. It really reminded me this week to be more humble and grateful for what I have. Ive been really thinking about all the things I have been blessed with in my life. And this last week I recieved an email from Elder Franklin, he said that he has been keeping a gratitude book. Every night or so I have been trying write in it and it really has helped to be more optimistic and happy throughout the days here.
   TOMMY!!!! Im so proud of that kid! FINALLY!! What a stud, crossin fingers URUGUAY! haha oh Levi that is so awesome and hilarious! No one in Arkansas is going to be messin' with both of them! Hahaha too good. Hey thats awesome that Alexis is going to play during some LP games! Wish her luck for me! LOVE YOU Alexis. Wonder how good the basketball team will be this year!! AND THE TREE!!!! Soooo jelly we might get a fake one. But I'm definitely going to miss that amazing pine smell in the house!! Ohhh geez I'm getting goosebumps just thinkin about it! Quite the rollercoaster sports week. I'm so anxious for the REAL game!! I believe they can go all the way again! Umm hey what the Jazz actually doing good this week. But my boys...............what a tragedy. I will never give up on them! Wisconsin and BYU bball going strong booyah! Well I literally have no time today! The computers keep crashin and being weird so Im going to hurry and send this before anything else happens!! Love you guys so very much! Have an amazing week, you are guys are the best as always.

Love, Elder Tyler Ivie

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