Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, November 25, 2013

Don't really know what week it is. But who cares URUGUAY!! (9th email)

Another week down fam! Wow time is really speeding up here. What a week its been. Its been a weird one, we didn't have too much success this week. Elder Castro got sick a few days, lost 3 baptism dates because the people moved, and lots of people bailed on their appointments. But hey missionary work isn't always perfect right? I've learned that missionary work does come with rough times but we aren't giving up! We got killer plans this next week for the Lords children! J But hey on the upside my Espanol is improving a lot. I´m getting better at reading and understanding people more. Definitely not perfectly or even close to perfect. But this week I really focused on the conversations and the words sort of just separate so its easier to understand what they're talking about. I've been memorizing lessons and phrases to expand my vocab and its been going pretty good! Oh yeah also we are getting a new house!!!! Haha the house we have now is "turible kenny".  Don't really know when we are moving but probably a couple weeks when  they finish the paperwork and stuff. Much nicer home and closer a la capilla thank goodness!
                Still no package unfortunately it sure takes a decade to get to Uruguay! I got a letter from the Tinchers and Morgan this week and that took like a little under a month to get here so hopefully here soon! By the way Dad thanks for the great email last week as usual! To answer some of your questions. The baptism went so good. Jonathan is an awesome kid, he lives with a family that kind of adopted him. He lives there on the weekends and most of the family is baptized and attends church which is a really good support for him! The call over Christmas cant wait!!! Haha but still focused on the work, just really excited to see you guys! I don't know too many details but I believe its over Skype. That's all I know, I will let you  guys all know when I know more. We only cover 1 ward here in Durazno. There used to be 2 wards that the missionaries covered before I came but apparently they combined them! So yeah we have a pretty big area we cover. YOU SOLD MY CAR!!!! TOO SICK! And to Randy Smith too! So yeah maybe its wasn't goodbye after all. Well maybe not but I hope Skyler likes it. It won't be as cool because it doesn't got the Packer apparel all over it! Haha thanks again Dad!
                Alright my spiritual thought I had this week! Really relyed on the scripture I mentioned last week in Alma 26. It helped me immensely this week to submit my will to His and rely on not only my strength but His. And boy did I see miracles happen this week. My Spanish has grown so much this week and that is quite the miracle to me! Also something that was incredibly special to me was another Elder Holland talk, don't know the name but it's where he talks about Loving the Savior. He bases his talk off John 21 where the Savior asks Peter ¨lovest thou me?¨ 3 times! Also in John 14:15, Ïf ye love me, keep my commandments.¨It reminds me to NEVER EVER lose sight of my love for the Savior. I know there is nothing I can do to fully repay him for the Atonement. But I will love him no matter what. As Jesus said in John 21, ¨feed my sheep¨. If I love him I will feed his sheep. I will serve a mission not for myself but for Him. That's something sort of tough for me. To not selfishly think of myself but to do serve my God because I love Him and his children. Definitely something I'm going to focus on this week.
                Thanks for the amazing email as usual! Love Pdays they cheer me up so much when I get to hear from everyone! Thanks for the support on the language! I need all I can get. Momma you should learn Spanish!! It really is a beautiful language and it could be really useful because like everyone speaks Spanish in America now! Haha we could totes chat it up when I get home! I challenge YOU! Haha thanks for the gratitude quote. I need to try to be show more gratitude, even if there is no thanksgiving here! I need show gratitude year around. Especially to the Lord and my amazing family!  I've been so blessed to have the gospel in my life and the knowledge that families can be together forever.  I think the Lord blessed me with those things so I could share them with the people of Uruguay! I'm so blessed to have this amazing opportunity to share the Lords wonderful message with the people of Uruguay! J I think that is the coolest thing. Yes I got Levi's email, he looks like he is doing soooo good! He stands out, hahaha. What a stud, thanks for sending  that. What else....ohhhh TOMMY GRAHAM! ATTA BOY! Soo happy for him. I cant believe Kali Lynn is already heading out!  I'm so old.  I wish all the luck to her! Ohhh momma you take care of me tooo well. I haven't even received my other 2 packages and you are sending a Christmas Package!! Haha thanks momma you are amazing! The address for the packages are definitely right, don't worry about the dot the addresses are the same! No need to worry. Oh Alexis I LOVE HER SO MUCH! I'm going to write to her this week because she is pretty neat!  I'm glad she is carrying on my phrases! Someone has to do it haha! SPORTS!! Ehhh mediocre week BYU esta bien, is Notre Dame even that good this year? YES THE UTES GOOO DOWN AGAIN!! Tooo goood! Eric Mika!! What a stud hopefully the injury isn't too serious. They are gonna be good this year. And when everyone gets back from their missions, unstoppable! Too sick! MY BOYS porque?!?!?!?! They are really living on the edge. They need to keep Flynn in! He is a stud. Good luck to my boys this Thursday! Ahh thanksgiving football...nothing better. Well maybe my family and the gospel but that's it. REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really would like to see Uruguay challenge them! I'm a soooo proud of them! Mega quality!!!!
                Well I've run out of time, I love you all so so very much! Enjoy Thanksgiving, stuff yourselves just for me! To the best family in the world, Chao! MUCHO AMO!
Also could you send some Forever stamps in the next package or letter or something because I was stupid and didn't bring more with me, sorry.
Love your son, Elder Ivie

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