Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 1 technically in Durazno down! BOOYAH! (8th email)

Oh my goodness family what a week. Its actually gone by super fast! Sorry for my breakdown last week, it was a crazy first couple days. However it still is super crazy here everyday. My faith in God, Jesus Christ, and the góspel in general usually grows every week but, this week my faith has grown immensely. I have really learned to rely on the Lord for strength and humble myself before him like it says in Alma 26:12. I also read this week in Alma 8 where it talks about Alma when he preached the gospel to the city of Ammonihah. Read it! Its amazing, I think it sort of parallels Joseph Smiths First Vision experience. I likened these stories to myself in learning Espanol. Because its a mega trial for me right now. Ive learned this is just a big trial of my faith. That ¨my afflictions will be but a small momento…then if I endure it well…then I will triumph over this challenge.¨Kinda sounds sort of cheesy but it gives me hope that I can learn Espanol through faith and obedience to the Lord. So yeah thats basically my spiritual thought for this week. Im doing great here! Im usually happy all the time and I know the Lord blesses everyday!
                Oh my goodness first off the food this week just magically got amazing! On Thurs. I think we walked like a half hour to the Bishops house. We live in the city of Durazno and he lives in another town in Durazno that is quite the walk. Durazno really reminds me of Provo but its newer looking, way less mormons and no Lindsay and Communal Ñ)  Anyways we went to their house for lunch and goodness was it worth it. French fries, fish, pollo, soda, helado, the works! So worth the walk yeah no point to that story. Oh yeah and yesterday we got churizo and carne asada for the first time!!!! This family is amazing there is nothing like freshly barbequed beef and sausage. People said it was amazing but boy they sure werent kidding. Hardly anything can compete with this well, at least in Uruguay that is. Mom your cooking is easily gold compared to this! Nothing can beat the teriyaki chicken and pork! Boy do I miss your cooking though mom. But hey at least Im eating pretty good stuff here. The members feed us well down here. And like every meal has arroz (rice) in it, I thought I ate a lot of rice at home but hey its muy bien! Oh yeah and dulce de leche crepes, to die for! Anyways this week was good but not great. None of our investigators came to church this week which was bummer. And lots of appointments fell through this week. But its ok me and Elder Castro are keeping a positive attitude. Next when did you send the packages because I still havent gotten them as of today. Hopefully I get it this week, Im pretty anxious to get it obviously! Lots of people ask if I have a photo of you guys and I dont have one! And I want to show them that I have the best family in the world! JHere is the mail package address to the misión home that they gave us, I believe its the right one but just check.  I knew you would give in! Its about time Christmas is just around the corner!! Sometimes I forget that its actually November because of no snow! Its insane sooner than we know it CHRISTMAS TIME! ITS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! And I get the best present in the whole wide world! So excited to talk to you guys but for now Im the Lords and its my job to fulfill his work in Uruguay! Tell thanks to Grandma and that I love her so very much. I appreciate the support and the prayers from her and you guys every week! MY BOYS!!!!!!! Oh my goodness I dont even want to talk about them but thanks for filling me in SO glad they got Flynn back BOOYAH! How does Tolzien play? What a tragedy it sounds like the rest of our teams are doing amazing! Keep it up hope Utah goes down these next couple weeks!! Haha too good and what the GOO REAL!! I wish I had a jersey to wear it loud and proud here in URUGUAY! They could probably beat Uruguay! Thanks so much for the amazing emails every week its so good to know that everybody is doing great! I know the Lord is blessing all of us so what more can I ask for? Have an amazing Thanksgiving week? Right? Maybe i dont know sorry I didnt have too many stories this week. Hopefully I will get better at writing someday. Love you all!! J Paz!

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