Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dearest Familia!

Dearest Familia,
                ¡Opa che! Hows it?! How is the cold? Hahaha pobre familia jk I want a snow day here! However surprisingly there has been like no humidity this week. Perfect weather well almost…it dumped rain on Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week has just been overcast amazingness. It reminds of summer in Utah because of the dry heat. Ive fallen in love with the Uruguay sky (as you probably can see from the photo). Its been a good week in Durazno as it is always! I'm understanding my purpose as missionary and what is expected of me more and more each day. Last P-day 2 tiny Peruvians tried to do the milk gallon challenge, complete fail as I expected. Both of them got half way done and gave up. Alright anyways that was random but I thought it was pretty funny. Besides that slip up, work was good this week! Honestly I love the work right now! I notice that I am the most happy when I am serving the people. Wednesday was an awesome day, we had the oppurtunity as a zone to do something called a Choque de Fuerza for a couple hours. Its when the whole zone goes to one area to hopefully improve the work and open up more oppurtunties for the Hermanas serving in that specific area. We went to a department in Trinidad called Flores. Super pretty area a lot like Durazno but less trees. Also super quiet, lots of farms, and sheep everywhere! But more importantly people there are super humble and always willing to talk to you. We placed a baptismal date and found a couple new investigators for the Hermanas I would say it was pretty successful trip and hopefully it helps out the Hermanas more importantly! (The photo of the bird thing is from this area J)With our investigators we still got 2 baptismal dates set for the 25 of January. One of them is named N.  We are trying to figure out the easiest way to get her baptized. But she is really interested and willing to learn more. She is definitely one we are focusing on this week so could you keep  her in your prayers please thanks! JThe other is named J, she is about the same age as Alexis. She has whole bunch of support from her friends and family in the ward. She is just a little scared of the water and the whole experience in general. Hopefully we can visit her and she can come to the sure decision that she is ready for this important step in her life. So keep them both in your prayers! Thanks so much I know your prayers help me and the investigators we visit every week!
                Something that I studied this week that was super special for me is in D&C 100:5-8. Me and Elder Castro read these scriptures during companionship study one day and they really impacted me. E. Castro told me that no matter what if you have faith in the Lord, He will put the thoughts and desires he wants the people to hear in my heart. What an awesome scripture, I know if I trust in the Lord he will give it to me in the very moment as it says in vs. 7. I know this works, I have already seen it happen on my mission. My Spanish might be terrible but somehow the Lord helps me and the Holy Ghost bears record of the truth as it says in vs. 8. What an amazing promise, I know if I work better at trusting the Lord this week I will see miracles! J

Picture of the Durazno Sky

Street in Durazno

Just like all missionaries, Elder Ivie LOVES getting mail!

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