Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crazy week but still lovin' mission life!!! (16th email)

Oh my goodness gracious I know I say this every email but this week was extra crazy. And sorry if I miss something or this email is a little shorter, its been a crazy pday and I didnt get the chance to use my Alphasmart today. Alright here we go brace yourselves haha I GOT YOUR CHRISTMAS PACKAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA just about a month late but I could care less it was amazing!! I felt like it was Christmas. So many surprises I didnt know you were sending me another ipod. Well of course I didnt know thats what Christmas is but definitely didnt expect that! So awesome, I am really enjoying the new music (especially the Piano Guys!) Also another sweater thanks momma, I am definitely ready for the winter here I think. Haha Elder Castro loved his stuff, he loves you guys so much we have been rockin the new super fly ties and tie tack things! Dad and Mom thank you so much for the photo album of my trip I freaked out when I saw that! I really think I am going to be using that a lot on my mission. Nothing like a personal experience to bring the Spirit into the lesson. Oh and the family photos and Papa, tooo much to handle thank you so so much. Nothing like american candy especially Christmas candy out of the stocking haha. Dad I almost freaked out too when I saw the Melchizedek Priesthood line of authority! But really I am not joking that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. I hung the big one up in our room and I keep the small one in my scrips! Super good, and thanks for the cards and the drawings Alexis! You keep getting better and better, you are so cute! (I heard you are getting incredibly tall by the way, whats up with that?) I know there was more but I cant really remember right now! But I seriously got the best family in the world. I know all the missionaries are pretty jealous right now. Anyways to the rest of week but, first I wanted to apologize we had an unexpected Mission Conference that I found out Sunday. So couldnt really warn you but hey I am alive dont worry! Oh and also dont forget this next week is changes so we will be emailing on Tuesday again! :) LOVE YOU! Ok my week where to start? Its a real rough one.  But anyways that was definitely a shocker this week. Oh yeah thats not all too! Yesterday we all found that Presidente Newsome and Hermana President Newsome has got to take care of some legal problems I guess with his business. But hey we are trying to stay positive, I am definitely going to miss them. I only knew them for 2 months but I felt like I knew them forever! Amazing people and good luck to them in the future! 

Ok enough with the sad stuff! It was a fun week too hahaha. I went on a couple exchanges with the Zone Leaders in the Hospital Ward. That area is pretty I liked it! It was awesome to switch up the scenery for a couple times and even better the zone leaders have AC!!!!!!!!!!!! Booyah too good. But anyways work was good there. Thats where Maxi´s photo was taken. When I was on the exchange, Maxi joined us and we taught the little girl Katy as Alexis might know now! But really you guys are friends on FB? Or friends of Maxy? Im a little confused. Unfortunately I wish I could claim Katy as a baptism of me and Elder Castro but she is the Zone Leaders investigator. Haha its all good she is a sweet girl and it was a fun experience to meet her! :) Speaking of Maxi I heard you have been chattin with Maxi Dad. How is that going? Haha I get a few oppurtunities to talk to Maxi and he tells me you and him might Skype one time! Haha that would be sweet I dont know how you guys will communicate but hey he can probably help you with Spanish! I want my whole family fluent by the time I get back!! Hahaha jk, but that would be super cool! VAYAN FAMILIA! Ahhh speaking of that too my Spanish is getting so much better. Its getting easier to be more patient and I can understand so much now!! Ahhh what a crazy 4 months woot woot! We went to the city Castro in Trinidad again to do another baptismal interview, the Hermanas are killing it. Baptizing mega!!!! Fun trip I got some photos of the farm this family in Castro has. Sorry its been a crazy pday so I dont have a cable but, I promise next week I will send you a bunch of pics. I mean a bunch, today we went to the ZOO!!! TOOO SICK!! I love the Zoo, its like 30 minutes from our area walking so we took advantage of that! Super fun but after we were walking back and the rain came down!!!!! Sooo awesome though so refreshing but unfortunately I am sitting here typing this email totally soaked! Didnt have time to change but its alright totally worth it! Yeah Momma a good sports week too much. BYU staying strong, what happened to WISCONSIN?? Noooo they were killin it, and what the what the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks in the superbowl?? Didnt see that one comin, well maybe the Seahawks but Peyton Manning must be killing it. Aww well maybe next year pack. Oooh Mom dont even talk to me about tennis. Soo jelly hahaha I love tennis goooo RAFA!  Anyways Mom sorry about the weird email sitiuations, I dont know what is going on. Maybe you just have to tune in extra carefully if I dont get it! Because I do like to see whats up with my fam back in good ol´ snowy Utah! :) Thanks so much for the amazing emails momma! You da best of course! Well thats basically my week. Wish me luck this last week of the change! Love you so so much fam! Thanks for everything and I will talk to you on tuesday dont forget. LOVES AND BESOS

Love, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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