Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 17, 2014

Legal to live in Uruguay--ESTAMOS EN MONTEVIDEO​! (20th email)

¡Familia! I found a way, I found a way as Drake would say. I found a way to email you. Sups cheesy but I had to because I am so excited I get to hear from you guys this week. Haha anyways its been quite the interesting Pday so I dont have too much time. But I will try to gather my thoughts. So as I said right now I am in a Cyber in Montevideo´s terminal. As I said in last email I had to sign for my VISA so now I'm official a URUGUAY CITIZEN!!  (at least for 2 years!)   Vamo Arriba! Hahaha I'm legal to live here now. Anyways I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and the 3 hour bus ride we had to stand up the whole way! Soo yeah im pretty much super tired thats why im probably going crazy too. 

But anyways my week was pretty good. The members here in Durazno are still laughing at me as usual because I stink at Spanish but I understand, and I know I stink at Spanish so im ok with it!  It is usually all teasing anyways. This week has been extra special and different because we have been visiting a lot of menos activos just like last week. I honestly feel working and bringing the menos activos back to the fold are just as important as baptisms. The number might not look the same in the statistics but to me getting a family or a single person back to church makes me just as happy. We have also been trying to fortify the ward as usual. Trying to give them oppurtunites to get involved in Missionary work. Because sometimes I feel the members dont understand fully how crucial there are in retention and supporting those menos activos, investigators and converts! So family keep it up! You guys are more important than us missionaries. We just find and teach, you guys befriend and keep those people partaking of the fruits of this gospel. The happiness that this gospel brings. We got a few investigators...J needs permission from her dad before she can get baptized. Her Dad is all for it, but he thinks J needs a little bit more preparation and to read and pray more! So hopefully this week we can charla and see how the progress is going. Hopefully soon we can see her in the waters of baptism! :) Another investigator is named M, he lives right next to J actually. He is pretty interested and every time we pass by he lets us in. We have had 2 charlas with him about the Restoration and he has had lots of questions. He has had religion in his life and trying to understand why there are so many churches and which one is the right one. Unfortunately he went on vacation for 2 weeks to Brazil which is the worst for us missionaries. But we are praying he is reading and praying about the Book of Mormon so he can find out the answer for himself. We are crossing fingers he doesnt forget about us when we get back! Anyways that is my week not much, a lot better weather lots of overcast but hardly any rain. The flood went down and we can finally get to some of our other investigators! Haha love my comp. we get a long really well! Looks like things are going as smooth as ever back at home! 16 medals for USA!! Tooo sick!!! Keep it going that is my boys. Is Uruguay even in it?! People  havent  been talking about it too much. Or we are just staying busy that we have no time to talk about it  haha! I cant believe Shaun White didnt get anything!! I was expecting sooo much from him this year! This was probably his last Olympics, well it cant be he has to go out on a good note! We'll see what happens the rest of the week, closing ceremonies are this week eh?! Time flys by when you are in service! Its good to hear about all the studs and studesses in our ward going on missions! Highland 6th is bringing the world his truth! The Baums send me the monthly missionary newsletter its so awesome to look through that and see whats up! Well thanks for all your prayers and love! :)

Les quiero, Elder Ivie

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