Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, February 24, 2014

Its coolin down.....u​n poco 24/Febrero​/2014

¡Buen dia familia! Another awesome week in the mission field of course. Honestly there are some hard and good times in the mission, I definitely understand that but the thing I realized a lot this week is there isnt ever a ¨dull¨ time in the mission. We are always busy trying to visit loads of inactivos and menos acitvos. Just like these past couple weeks we have been going through our big list of menos and inactivos and boy did we find a lot! Its been awesome because I am starting to understand the bringing back menos activos has an equal amount of importance as baptisms. However that doesnt mean we have totally given up on our investigators yet of course! ¡NUNCA! I have got to admit its been a little hard finding a lot of new investigators lately and the ones we have definitely want to take their time. J's dad wants her to read El Libro de Mormon more and come to a greater understanding of the importance of this gospel. Now we understand what our boundaries are so we dont rush anything. Thats alot of responsability on our shoulders but we have been taking it one step at a time, she is one hard girl to reach but I have patience! :) Anyways thats just about it with the investigators, F is still waiting on her marriage but we do have a charla with her husband this week. ¡FAMILIA INCOMPLETA! As missionaries we target those kind of invesigators im sure you know how that goes dad. But anyways we are super excited for that I just hope it doesnt fall because the husband is a stud and he needs to be sealed in the temple with his family forever!! 

I love my companion Elder Western, he is a stud and he helps me with the language and understanding how to become a better missionary through obedience, faith, and humility! We get along super well so life here in the mission field is super good as usual. This week he shared an awesome scripture in Moroni 8:16 I believe. I love when it says ¨perfect love casteth out all fear.¨ The lesson that I got from this scriptures is I truly love someone enough and have the desire for their salvation the Spirit will comfort me and give the confidence to share this wonderful message even in a different language. I honestly believe this works because my Spanish is getting better mom!! Haha what a miracle, its been hard for me to find confidence in talking with the people. But this week I understand the importance of loving the people a lot clearly. I am super grateful for my comp.and the scriptures that help me become a the missonary the Lord and you guys want me to be! :) 

Mom and Dad I am super glad you are spending sometime together! What the what museums?!?! Thats super cool honestly, I would die to go see those paintings its just super random for you guys I guess its just a craving haha. Thanks for sharing that thought with me Momma, on my mission I have definitely come to a clearer understanding of the Atonement. During life but especially on the mission you learn to really rely on Our Savior and His Atonement. I wish I could watch that clip. Oh well I cant believe you guys went to the temple with Tommy Graham!! What a stud I keep getting pumped for him more and more everyday! Its coming up so quick when I hit my 6 month mark he is going to be chaocito! Love my Tommy Graham! Anyways awesome sports week especially Basketball! Ballers is right Momma! Russia got the most medals?!?!?! Totally rigged what a joke but oh well congrats to the Utahans too sick! And I think you are right momma Uruguay didnt participate in anything! There live for the summer Olmpics just for soccer! Mom I think im doing good on clothes im perfectly set even for the winter haha! And yeah with the photos we have been super busy, I havent had anytime and im still in Durazno so its still the same! But hey I will try better these next couple weeks. Durazno had their big parade thing with drums, dancers and such for 3 hours Saturday night but we obviously cant go to that! ehhh a little too crazy for us missionaries even members probably!! Alrightly LES AMO MUCHO! Im glad its warming up, send my luck to family in Wisconsin that cold does not sound pleasant, it sounds like a fantasy where im livin! Ok Hasta promixa semana you guys are the best as usual! :)

Amor, su hijo Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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