Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Friday, October 4, 2013

Elder Ivie's 1st full week in the CCM (2nd email)

Hola Momma and Familia! First umm don't send me packages to the MTC I probably won't get them sorry if you already did I forgot to tell you in the first quick email. The first day was quite the day. I think I forgot how incredibly uncomfortable airplanes were. Both flights weren't too bad but it was just muy muy long! But hey I'm here in Bueno care. Our CCM Presidente Openshaw just challenged me to not focus a lot on whether you don’t know if its right or not.  I think I won't have any trouble with that because I got 4 missionaries in my room and its me and my companion Elder Schaffer and 2 natives that speak NO English whatsoever. So it's kinda awkward right now because I literally can't strike up a conversation so I just say Hola! Como estas? Haha and my companion Elder Schaffer can speak a little spanish so that's nice to have a little communication with the Latinos. My companion is so awesome. He is so humble and always open to the Spirit. I couldn’t ask for a better companion. He is 6' 7"!!!! Haha he is a giant! I like him a lot. He is from Arizona but he spent his summers in Utah for a job I think or something haha. The white house is soo pretty I feel like a king living here. They have this thing they like here, it's dulce de leche which is obviously caramel but amazing caramel and they put it in everything!  Elder Jensen, Sister Leifers nephew in the room across from me. And he probably thinks I'm a creep because I know some things about him through Aaron. He lives in Castle Dell and I remember I've been there to his dads work at the Vet. I think we did it for a Merit Badge! Ha good times. Oh and umm for Aaron tell Sister Leifer that they gave me lots of books. Like that red Spanish Language book you gave me, which is was like dang but thanks anyways momma! Also a Spanish Dictionary, a Spanish and English Preach my Gospel, True to the Faith in Spanish, a Spanish Bible and Book of Mormon, umm  Journal for notes, and I think that's just about all that really matters. I have got to admit this week has been sooo tough for me. I miss you guys more than ever, I miss my old lifestyle and doing things on my schedule but lately I just remembered what I should have never forgotten is that I am here to Invite others to come unto Christ. And by doing that I have to become humble towards God and let him help me. I've tried to a lot of things by myself and it has gotten me frustrated especially with the language. But when I submit to Gods will he will help provide if I exercise my faith in him. The Gospel is so true guys. So many miracles have happened and each day gets better and better!

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