Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last week in the CCM for Elder Ivie...ahhhhhhh! (6th email)

SO GOOD to hear from you guys this week as usual! I am SO SO SO proud of Alexis I almost started crying when I saw those pictures of eating salad!!! And what no minecraft? Who is my sister now? Have fun at Chick Fil A tonight I could you use some of that right now! Dont get me wrong I got amazing food here but I could use some nice solid MERICA food right now. Its good to hear that Dads work is giving him a break, he deserves it. And yet again my teams pull it out again! It's because I'm on my mission, thats why they are doing so amazing! Haha! Go BYU they sound that they are starting to really work as a team, and Taysom Hill and Cody! Too sick! Ultimate duo this season! Typical JORDY what a wizard! He never disappoints, sit down PETERSON, tooo knarly.  I'm doing sooo good thanks mom, i´ll try to send some pics this time so go check it out! And Levi leaves on Nov. 6th?? Why did I think he was already out?? Hmmm his farewell was pretty far out! Hmm well good for him, I met a girl that knows him today. Pretty neat. Tommy tommy tommy, keep riding him! Goodness I'm riding him also! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Next time you hear from me, ill will be in the MISSION FIELD! AHHHH!
Anyways my week has been pretty neat! Haha everyday just keeps getting crazier and crazier! They are going by faster than ever. I literally have 5 days left  here at the CCM and it really just felt I just got on that plane! Sorry hopefully that wasn’t bad to say but I totally feel that way right now! Sorry I didn’t answer all your questions last week, we were pretty rushed last email time.  Saturday we went proselyting otra vez! We went to a different area this time. This area was definitely a lot poorer than the last area we were in. Some pretty sketchy, 3rd world parts people talked about. But on the flipside this time we had our best numbers ever! We contacted almost 50 people in 5ish hours! Got 6 referrals, we placed 2 Book of Mormons and lots of pamphlets. People this time were so interested and happy to see us! This area was definitely a lot more humble. I also was a lot more excited going out this time too. It flew by because I got a little taste of losing myself in the work! SO COOL! I was just happy all the time, we stayed diligent, and because of that I know the Lord placed the people we contacted for us to share His wonderful message. Oh yeah and also we were in a Tri-panionship this week because one of the Elders sprained his ankle real bad so he couldn’t go proselyting. So his companion came with us! We also had a really good devotional on Sunday, with the 2nd Counselor in the CCM presidency. He said work so hard on your missions that you come out on a stretcher! And I need to work my guts out so when I am done with my mission, I can show the Lord what I have done and he will accept it. I'm not as good at explaining it but, it was an amazing class! Pretty much almost cried. 

                Still been pretty cold there? I've been checkin the weather and it is usually pretty nippy but sometimes perfect fall weather. Oh Utah weather…how I don’t miss its tripolarness! I can't believe it might snow this week, HAVE FUN! HA! Here in Argentina it stays the same most everyday. It gets cloudy and rains occasionally but that’s just about it. Its definitely getting hotter though. Today is Halloween eh? Too sick Alexis is probably dieing! That’s still here favorite holiday right? I get to celebrate my Halloween on my P-day so, that’s pretty neat!


Love, Elder Ivie

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