Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Getting into the hang of it!! (4th email)

Hola my dearest family? How was the week? The language is coming along. We have been doing quite a few activities to test our Spanish, first off, we did a language fast on Friday so for 6 hours we didn’t speak English, I was proud of myself. Also Sat. was the big day, we went proselyting out of the CCM! What a crazy experience. They literally gave us an area to cover they dropped me and Elder Shaeffer off and let us walk the streets for 5 hours! All spanish too! Dude I'm so lucky that Elder Shaeffer knew enough to carry on conversations because I hardly did. I know how to ask people things and introduce myself but that’s just about it. They all speak so so fast too so that doesn’t help much either. But what a great experience it was. I know in the Provo I would never get to have that experience. We placed a Book of Mormon and lots of pamphlets so we did decent. Next time I'm gonna try to get a baptism commitment! Oh yeah Argentina has mega crazy drivers. There are no rules and no lanes so they just like cut you off! But like no one cares they are just all polite so the craziness isn't really crazy. Oh and add to the craziness they just allow horses on the highways too! Ok back to proselyting they dropped us off in a pretty poor area. But there were some really really nice homes. Argentina is so different to the US because everyone I mean everyone has a gate and you either have to ring a doorbell or clap to get their attention. There are also numerous amounts of (perros) dogs around! Everyone at least has 1 or more dogs and there are also stray dogs, but the weird thing is the strays are way nicer than the ones that have homes. There are pretty much more dogs than people in Argentina! I also had a great Sunday! We usually have a lot of meetings but they are mind blowing meetings because I said before the CCM President is a wizard and basically knows everything through the scriptures. One of the lessons he taught was about Gods love for His son Jesus Christ, all throughout his life on earth. It was so cool to read about in the 4 gospels like it says in my Patriarchal blessing. It was so cool to understand what little things he did when Jesus Christ was a little boy. Because you don’t hear much about his childhood! So cool and mindblowing! Also im doing the creep here but I think there is a girl here that is in our Stake!  Also how is the blog goin mom? I take it that you are getting the hang of it since you haven't said anything about it. Thanks again mom, love you!

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