Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One month down...time slow down!! (5th email)

Buen dia mi familia! My week was great as usual. I feel bad nothing exciting really happens here. Its usually just the same stuff every week. Don’t get me wrong its amazing experiences and a journey but its just usually study, teach, eat, and sleep! I surely do love it here though. We went proselyting on Saturday again. Every time we go it gets me more and more excited to be in the mission field and sort of nervous! But hey the Lords on my side and I know that, He already has and will continue! Just like it says in D&C 84:88. Anyways proselyting was fabulous. We reached our goal for number of contacts and references. We placed 2 Book of Mormons and the investigators seemed really interested which is sooo good. Also Sunday we had a good lesson from our District Leader, he said if I can bear my testimony of the truth of the book and get them to take it. The Lord and the truth of the book will do the rest. Its awesome and that made me so happy and sometimes I forget how important giving a Libro de Mormon to a person can be. The book can change a persons life! That’s why I'm getting so excited for the mission field! 2 weeks!!!!!!!! AHHHH crazy! Woof anyways. On Sunday as well we had the 2nd Counselor in the MTC Presidency talk to us! He is a FBI agent for Argentina! How cool is that? He is way cool he has great advice and mission stories to tell. Oh yeah and Thurs. we had a devotional after our Pday! It was a devotional in Jan. 2013 where Elder Holland spoke in Provo! Ahh so good! He sounded like he was going to be passive about what he was speaking about, and boy was I wrong. Love how he says it as it is, and gets in your face. Because I feel like we all need that sometimes especially me! He talked about being a fully converted missionary because we all have to be converted to the gospel somehow. He said in every mission a missionary should have a least 1 convert, him-herself. He talked about being the missionaries in Helman 5:17-19 as well as ministering angels in Mosiah 27:11 that had voice of thunder. Anyways he grilled us on everything and it was such an inspiring talk! He is easily my favorite speaker of all time! He always talks on stuff I need to improve on. Anyways whats up with the whole government shut down thing in America right now? People keep talking about it but its not really making sense to me. Oh yeah mom I forgot more pens so I will let you know in the mission field if I need some or if I can just go buy them! I was not thinking that one over. Oh great news this week momma! Love it! Halloween should be super fun with the Misseldines! You goin out with them? Or you on candy duty again. Are you guys gonna get Wendys or we done with that one for now! CHICK FIL A it up!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha that is so good to hear from Levi and Thomas! What studs! Love them both. He is gonna do amazing! When does Levi leave again? And momma you are amazing, thanks so much for the packages. I can always count on you for packages!  I cant wait to see them! Love you! I had no idea Kylie was going on a mission! And Australia!! That is so so cool! So excited for her! Anyways umm Marlene and Janelle stopped by? What were they doing in Utah? Love them both too!  KEEP THOSE LIGHTS ON DAD! Hahaha especially on Halloween! That is the greatest, I have already started to listen to some Christmas Music! Its heavenly. Thanks for the quote and all the support. Thanks so much for keeping up with the blog and stuff! You are golden! Our teams have been rockin it lately! They suddenly all got SOO good when I have left. They keep winning! Keep it up! Thanks for the sports updates also. I cant believe my boys are staying alive with all the injures. Hopefully they get back out there soon! Thanks for everything, love reading the weekly emails. Love hearing from you guys and whats up in good ol Highland! Love you all so so much! Have a wonderful semana.
Love, Elder Ivie

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