Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hola! Elder Ivie is having the time of his life! (2nd week @ the CCM--3rd email)

Que pasa mi familia? I feel like I'm so cheesy in these emails but whatevs. It was so good to talk to you last week, I felt like it was forever since I talked to you all. But anyways this week at the CCM has been muy comf! (inside joke)  I'm so happy everyday and it’s so easy to feel the Spirit. It’s hard to teach with the Spirit in Spanish because I want to say stuff in English so I can bring the Spirit. But we have to speak all Spanish well and some Spenglish! But hey things are coming along, Spanish is pretty slow as usual but my goal is to say new things everyday so I can expand my vocabulary. Umm how was Conference?!?!? I missed watching it with you guys, it made me think of you and those mega good muffs every Conference morning but it was still amazing! The church is true no matter where you are. It was cool that all of us missionaries were all dressed up and ready to hear revelation from the Lord through the Prophets.  Such a cool sight, and I loved it when President Monson said that there are 80,000 Full-Time Missionaries out right now and I was like that’s me! Anyways the talks were sooo good. I loved Dieter F. Uchtdorf's talk in the Sat. Morning session and it wasn’t even morning.  It was so weird it started at 1:00pm, that’s how far ahead we are!  He talked about doubts and coming back to the church and stuff. He said "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith"  Hey momma that was one of my favorite talks too. So cool because sometimes I can get down on myself here at the CCM because I don’t know as much as some people or the language isn’t coming along faster. But I know that as long as I don’t doubt my faith that things will work out and I can do this! I also liked Elder Holland's talk on overcoming diseases and stuff. That was really touching.  Also Dad just wanted to let you know that I’ve been doing pretty good with working out and stuff. I ran a couple times and I do push ups and sit ups just about every night! I'm gonna be huge when I get back guarantee it!! Anyways umm Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday was so weird because ALL the Latinos and North Americans left. Well besides us obviously. So there is like 15 of us here in the CCM that holds about 90-100 people. It’s crazy to think that some of the Latinos that came with us on the flight from Buenos Aires are gone now. Oh yeah and also this week our district has been muy muy enferma,  very very sick. Literally half the district got sick with influenza. Thank you mom for getting me that shot because thankfully I didn’t get it. But now most of them are getting better now. When they were all sick we quarantined them into one room and called it the Leprosy Pit! Haha anyways, I realized this week that I should have totes put more spiritual Piano Guys on my iPod. I love their stuff, I should have listened to you guys. Oh yeah mom I forgot soap, how did I do that? Whatevs I'll find some. Umm this Sat. is going to be crazy though because it will be the first time they bus us out to a random part of town and drop us off to go proselyting!! In Spanish!!  Obviously but I’m so nervous because I hardly know any at all but hey its awesome practice and I’ll always try my best. Most of the time they just want you to do service and just talk to them. Oh yeah totes they got bides here! Like those European toilet things. Dude I'm never going back, yeah this is a weird subject but I thought this was very important because when I get my own house I’m easily fo sho getting one. Oh! Alexis how was your bday??  I thought of you all day! Love you! Wow seriously it must be so cold there. I get to go on the computer sometimes and do a language study program and I check the weather there every time and its always like raining, or almost snowing?!?! Did it snow? Crazy stuff, have fun fam! Oh yes I do love my companion. He is so funny and we get along pretty well. Our mock lessons are getting better and better each day. 

Well love you guys so much! I can feel your prayers everyday and I'm beginning to lose myself in his work and I love it! Have a great week love you all!

Elder Ivie and his companion Elder Schaffer (6' 7")

Elder Ivie in front of the CCM (or MTC)

Elder Ivie and the Elder's in his district.

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