Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Oak and the Ivie (83rd email)

Buenas!! Familia!

                Hows it cookin? It sure is cookin here, I thought we were in fall here but we´ve been having summer temps unfortunately, im ready for it to cool down to be honest!

                Anyways its been another great week in the work, working with the Lord has never been better! Sometimes here we get frustrated that things dont happen the way we want them. But as we have learned this week to be humble and diligent! J Something that I havent realized because we have been so busy is how much BETTER we are working with the Lord. Its not easy let me tell ya because it requires more effort. But we have seen great results and joy that comes from working with the leaders and members of this ward! J The have provided us with lots of lists to work with, so we are never just wandering haha! But literally we are swamped everyday finding new people and visiting our investigators as well!  I love this work! J

                 As I said last week we had a Multi-Mission Conference with Elder Dallin H. Oaks!! And it was super uplifting, just what I needed! J To be in the presence of an Apostle just changed the whole room, right when he entered with his wife we all stood up and the Spirit just filled the room, it was amazing! Not only did he come but Elder Vinas from the Seventy and his wife, a future mission pres. in Paraguay which was actually my Stake Pres. in Durazno, Pres and Hna. Cook of course, and more I cant remember. Oh yeah I cant forget we got to shake everyone´s hand (everyone from the 2 missions!) and I havent washed my right hand since. J A couple things I loved from the conference, mainly the words from Elder Oaks, he talked about how important morning scripture study is. And how reading the BoM everyday prepares and guides him in EVERYTHING that he does!! Everything he said, I would say that is very important so that we can have the Spirit to guide us in everything we do. I also loved when he talked about being instruments in the hand of the Lord 24/7 not just be a missionary! He clarified and we are FULL’TIME missionaries at all time no matter if its p-day or Sunday. And he told us to enjoy it, enjoy every moment! J It was a fabulous conference I could go through my notes it put down so much more but I dont want to bore ya! Oh yeah I saw E´ Petersen for the 1st time in like 4mths!! J I missed that guri! I really did, he´s a fav of mine. He actually sat behind me, we were chatting it up a little but of course during the meeting. ;) He asked me about you guys, and told me you guys wrote him back!! Thanks for keeping care of my comps, you da best fam! J
              Ummm so yeah I really dont have much for you guys, sorry Tuesday is pday for me next week, im glad Braxton and Savanna got home safe this week! :) Mom take care of yourself, im praying for ya! Alexis I dont even recognize you anymore, but still a babe. Lumps email ya next week, LOVE the photos especially the Pop-Star one! The cake one is torture thanks for that, and yeah love you lumps! Quick quote to end off the email, I was reading a talk on the Atonement/Repentance by Elder David A. Bednar this week and I read this quote that just changed me it said ¨Teach me how to repent; for that´s as good as if thou hadst seal´d my pardon with thy [Christ´s] blood.¨ Think about that for a bit! I LOVE YOU ALL TOO MUCH thanks for the love back fam. Enjoy the pics sort lame sorry. And yes wow hit 19mths. yesterday I know....  
Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Pic #1 Hna. Silvia have us a whole jar of DULCE DE LECHE!! We are Uruguayos for lyfe
Pic #2 Yes, this is me making a sad face, pointing at the Airport, I told ya I was close! But no I am not trunky, Im just missing Aeroparque a bit! ;)
Dulce de leche that Hna. Sylvia made us

Airport in Aeroparque isn't too far away...missing Aeroparque so much!

Multi Mission Conference--Elder Oaks was there!  April 2015

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