Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lil' awesome! (82nd email)

Heyyo lets go! Long time no talk, jokes the weeks are flying here literally. This change will be over in like 2 weeks, and to be honest it might be my farewell to Bella Italia! I really love it here, the members are real close to my heart here but wherever the Lord needs me I´ll go! J Also say bye to my little Araujo, I don’t even want to think about it. Not gonna lie we´ve been getting on each other nerves this week but really just like a normal companionship it happens. We don’t agree on everything but the thing I love about E´ Araujo is that he is super patient and wont get mad at ya! We are better now, but just in case you wanted to know about our relationship status!
                I forgot to tell you guys last week, that Sebastian received the Aaronic Priesthood, is got ordained to the office of Deacon! J WOOOO!! His b-day is actually today too, he turns 14, so wish him a Feliz Cumpleaños! Which means he might be ordained to the office of teacher here soon. J
                Our Mission Leader has been helping us at a bunch this week. Him and his wife, have been visiting a lot of less actives with us, even on their own as well! Thanks to the urgency of him we saw miracles yesterday in church, 8 less actives came to church yesterday! J That’s the highest Ive ever had here I believe. Our mission leader, Hno. Gonzalez has been helping us a lot with Max and Veronica as well. He made the hike to their house so that he could help us out with their marriage! We found this week that the last time they went, to take out the papers it didn’t really work out well. Thanks to the Spirit we found out that in some way they lost hope of going again so that was the reason they haven’t gone back! So the charla with Hno. Gonzalez really helped clear up a few doubts and get them excited again to get married! It’s a happy thing right?!?! So yeah this week him and his wife are going to work the clothes situation, the bus situation, the witness situation, and more! But its gonna work we´ve seen a lot of progress in them this week! Another testimony why we should work with the ward especially about the topic of marriage because I have no idea let alone how to do it in Uruguay!! Ha so yeah that was a real tender mercy this week that we had!
                TOMORROW we have the privilege to  have a Multi-Mission Conference in the Flores Stake (other mission), unfortunately we aint goin to the big boy´s house this time! L BUT this is going to be an amazing conference I just know it mainly because Elder Dallin H. Oaks is coming!!!!!! JJ Wish me luck its gonna be a good one, its the first time an apostle has came while Ive been here and its truly a HUGE blessing, I cant wait there are no words to describe it!
Wow so many people are already home or coming home this week, I cant believe it! Mom dont worry about telling  me who is coming home, I actually rather know who is coming home because I have lost track of everyone to be honest haha! :) Braxton and Savanna´s testimonies were really strong werent they! If anything knowing helps me keep moving along! I still feel at my peak :) Oh yeah the pic below was a little gift that bought myslef, sorry I just had to do it. Its my Uruguay team Peñarol, I figured Uruguay is really the only place im gonna get it so I did it last week if you didnt notice! ;) And no dont worry I havent changed into a steelers fan!
Well thats what I got for today and the week....thats crazy that SKYPE is coming right up!! You better be practicin´ Lumps on your español, its on mujer! I love you guys TOO MUCH! :) That will forever be my saying sorry if you are already sick of it. I hope you all have a glorious fab week. Oh yeah and I wanted to ask you guys how the BofM reading is going? Where are you guys at? I think I might be behind just a bit, im in 1 Nephi 20. I dont have it to planned out like you guys but I hope im at least a bit close to you guys!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

Elder Ivie's  Uruguay soccer team--Peñarol

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