Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, April 6, 2015

Because HE lives I love conference and being a missionary (80th email)

JJ Fam! JJ
                Hope you all enjoyed conference and took advantage of it because we sure did!! :) Now the hardest part is to organize my thoughts and apply it! I guess the Holy Ghost will help me a lot this week! Its so cool when you dont get revelation for yourself but for your investigators and area, I could really recognize that a lot more this time. Luckily our ward met in our stake center in Barrio (Ward) 14, so all the gringos got to watch it in english in a seperate room just like what we did in Malvin last time! :) It was a marvellous experience I must say, very strange at the same time because of the obvious Ï oppose¨thing, I bet that is all over the news, right? Also Richard G. Scott didnt speak, we are saying that because he is coming here in a couple weeks to speak to both missions, at least we think he is coming. We know an apostle is coming but we dont know who. So we´ll see but those were a few weird things that happened this time. Other than that, I stayed awake for all the sessions (and thats saying a lot because Priesthood session is from 9-11pm here), took so many notes, and I am so grateful to have living prophets!! 3 new temples in crazy places too! J
                A few talks I like, a few because I cant mention all J
1.       Dallin H. Oak´s talk on the parable of the sower
2.   David A. Bednar´s talk on developing more faith than fear! LOVED IT! Just for me!
3.  M. Russell Ballard´s talk in Priesthood Session, I got to have a personal interview with him! J
4. Larry M. Gibson´s farewell talk noooo, welcome back to the stake buddy! Is he in the stake still? Im not even sure any more but I love his talked on the eternal perspective
5. Pres. Eyring´s talk on the Power of Prayer in Priesthood Power
6. Brent H. Nielsen and Kevin W. Pearson´s talks on Lehi´s dream which coincidentally I had been studying a lot lately this week! WE HAVE TO STAY BY THE TREE! J
7. And of course Elder Holland´s talk on Jesus Christ and even though we sometimes feel the sand just slippin´between our hands, his ¨brotherly hand and devoted arms¨are there to catch us! J
Sorry again I dont have lots of huge news to tell ya but it was a great week to be honest, the Spirit was real strong this week. I think what really was special this week was the new ¨Because He Lives¨initiative!! We´ve been showing that video to everyone, I believe it really help turn everyone´s hearts to what Easter really means! J I love easter because it gives me a chance to reflect on what the Savior has done for me especially in this 18mths. And what I can do better in these next 6mths. To remember Him! J I hope you guys watched the video and enjoyed it! We had a great lesson with Luis and his fam. this week on that video! :) We talked about the Plan of Salvation and how their whole fam. can be together forever! It amazes me how much faith they have because they recently lost there son, but I think that is what the knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel brings them! They are getting closer to marriage!
I also hope you guys had a fabulous Easter!! Looks like you did the usual and colored eggs, thats sooo classy I love em Alexis! :) Sadly I didnt color any eggs but me and my comp. had an Easter egg chocolate thing that they sell here!! :) (see photos) I think we didnt get though because it was hollow but nothing cool was in it! I think the point is to hide a gift inside but we had no idea!! It was suppppper delicious though! :)
WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll be prayin for them tonight!!! Your boys Mom (mine too but they are more like your boys mom!)!!!!!! :) I am so proud, I think I might have to go to Wisconsin for college now!! AHHH you were right mom awesome sports and spiritual week. Good to hear from everyone of you, I promise I´ll write back Im getting better at it I promise! Dont forget I love you all TOO MUCH! :) Have an amazing week, enjoy the clima!
Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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