Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, March 2, 2015

Chau pday (75th email)

Buen Dia Buen Dia Lovely Fam!
                Here we meet again, the weeks seem like days its freaking me out! Trunky momento I realized this week the hermanas that came here with me to Uruguay are going home this change……yeah we are done.
                I hope all is well over there in Tierra Alta! Everyone keeps telling me how the States is suffering with all the snow. But they tell me that is whats happening in New York. However more important than anything I hope this email finds you all just fabulous! Because I feel that way, love being a missionary!
                Alright sooo good news this week, S went to church yesterday!!!! So he will be getting baptized this week!!! :):):) On Saturday at 7:00pm be there! But yeah its quite amazing that we found him and he has progressed so fast! Thanks for all the prayers, he is one amazing kid! Unfortunately his little sister didnt come to church with him because she slept in and she didnt want to get up. She wanted to go to primary she told us but just slept in!
:( However its alright we will work with her more, we need a lot more time to teach her! Shes is adorable though hopefully I'll get a picture of her this week and you will see. 

Oh yeah this past Wednesday we had a Multi-Zone Conference in the BIG HOUSE (Malvin) haha I always say that but I miss that place so much it was a blast. But still I love Bella Italia! :) Ummm anyways it was awesome like 4 zones came to hear the words of the Cooks, and of course Elder Viñas!! Wow it was amazing and so inspiring in so many ways.  Recently me and my comp. have been thinking of different ways to work in our area. Not just different ways but more effect ways, and going into the conference I was hoping to get a little revelation on how we should a approach it and boy was it given. Its going to take awhile be he really talked about how to establish Zion which involves strengthening the recent converts especially those that have the priesthood! :) He shared with us Moroni 6, I think it's about when Moroni talks about this exact topic! He challenged us to start with the recent converts and follow the new initiative that we are doing! Sorry its kind of hard to explain but it was really an inspired conference like always! And we got to eat lots of bean burritos after hahaha! I miss those sooo much! 

Alright that basically was my week, I cant remember of anything else but I just want to make sure you guys know that I LOVE YOU TOO MUCH! Please don't freeze, just let it go thats all I have to say. Have a fab. week fam! Good to hear from ya

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Second time camping in backyard -- Bella Italia March '15

Elder Ivie has always loved fire!!

Elder Araujo camping in backyard!

Beautiful day in Bella Italia!!  March '15

What do you see when you turn on your lights...?

A tarantula!!!  Ahhhhh...GOOOOOODNIGHT!

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