Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bum Bum Bum Bum...... (78th email)

Well hello there!

Wow really its been an amazing week here! :) I wont say that too much has happened but I just felt good, loved, and happier than ever this week. Cheesy moment ends now! But really its been an awesome week, I think it was better because we tried even harder to complete the goals we had as a companionship and as a zone! Which the majority of those goals was to work with the members more, to bring ´em out on lessons and visit and strengthen the members (I think that was my fav. part of the week, I love the members here! :))

Anyways the news you´ll been waiting for, yeah maybe not but anyways it aint too big but I AM......................................................staying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN BELLA ITALIA with Elder Araujo for at least one more change and I cant tell you how excited I am! But really like more excited than ever before because I feel like the Lord has more stuff for me to change and do here! Well obviously thats it, if I am staying but it was just a confirmation and as you can tell I am very excited to stay! Many people say they didnt like Bella Italia that much, but I disagree its BELLA! And not quite Italia but still amazing! Anyways I sound like a 2nd grader. Also because my comp. and I just recently started up this new plan thats going to help us soo much I hope!

Ok so next probably one of the most special moments in the mission yet happened this week! :) We were in a charla with Sebastian and M on Friday, it was a great charla, Sebastian is still helpin us teach her then it was time for us to go. I asked Sebastian to say the prayer, and being a stud he willingly said it, but he didnt just say it he SAID it from his heart! I felt the sincerity of his heart when he said it. Do you want to know why? Because one of the things he said hit me sooo hard, he said at the end of the prayer: (translated into English obvi) ¨please bless the missionaries, so they can continue teaching me so that I will be able to go on a mission someday!¨ I think I shed a little tear when I heard him say that, ahh I will never forget those exact words! :) He is a special lil guy, so grateful to know him. :) Thanks for all the prayers for him and his fam. they have been answered! :)

Other than that we started teaching an old investigator fam. recently. Well sort of, the dad has been going to this ward for like 5mths. now, he hasn't been baptized yet because he is waiting to get married. So recently we started to teach him and his whole family again!! :) They all came to church this week, same with a friend of his and her children! Once they get married, they will all get baptized so we´ll be prayin hard for them this week! :) His name is L!

1 Nephi 1:1 really hit me this week, a Hermana from the ward shared it with us in her talk on Sunday, it really hit me how good of an attitude Nephi had. Acknowledging that he had many afflictions and trials in his life, he said he was favored and blessed by the Lord. Wow he is an example to me! :) Might be my new goal this change, to be more grateful and to do what you challenged me to do Dad. I still havent done it, mainly because I dont want to face the fact that I only have 6mths. left! 

Anyways I love you ALL TOO MUCH! Im glad you went to the Jazz game together with the Irvines this week!! Sad for BYU, amazing for WISCONSIN! WOOT! Love ya´ll thank for the talk Dad, Alexis I'll get to ya dont worry! Paz!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

sorry no pics this week I cant figure it out on this crap computer! sorry

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