Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, March 9, 2015

BAPTISM! SEBAS! woot! (76th email)

                Hola fam. What another great week in Uruguay was!! Saturday was a marvelous day, everything went great to be honest there is usually lots of opposition where this is a baptism. Not saying there hasnt been any but it went better than planned lets just say that!! Yep, my comp. E´ Araujo baptized the Little kid I confirmed him :). It was a great service, lots of members came, his Mom (who is a member) came as well as his Little sister M (yes it means miracles in english!) So that was super exciting!! Its good to see the support from everyone, especially from the Young Men! Because he needs it, but luckily he has already enlisted himself into Seminary and comin´to mutual every week already!! :) He is such an amazing kid, the Lord has prepared him super well and I am so grateful to be here to witness that! We are hoping to see a lot more success with the rest of his family. We are trying to get the Ward involved with the whole family, because as I have said before the parents are members and there are a few members that already know them like the bishop. Sooo yeah this family is gonna be a big work in progress but excited to help them realize the blessings they are missing! A part of the work are Sebastians siblings, he´s got like 8 of them and only a few have been baptized. M is one of them, she wants to get baptized, and she went to church yesterday, she loved it too! We just gotta teach slow and simple because things dont stick as much with her because she´s young. She´s adorable though, acts just like you Alexis is hilarious! The other day she was crawling around meowing like you used to do, I couldnt believe how much it reminded me of you! ;) Love ya!
                Tomorrow is going to be amazing, I am so excited, I miss the temple sooo much! So far the names havent arrived to me yet but Im going to check today, Im praying for them!! We will also be having interviews with Pres. Cook too so that´s a blessing as well!
                Quick update I guess, I am doing super good, I love being a missionary even though I´m weak and I struggle a lot even with the language still I know if I remain humble to what the Lord wants me to achieve here in Bella Italia! Something that I studied this week because recently I started to read Doctrine and Covenants and its really a Marvellous Work and a Wonder! I love reading it, last week I stumbled upon the answer I have been looking for awhile now and I have never looked back since. Its was in D&C 6: 21-24 where the Lord is talking to Oliver Cowdrey about translating the BofM. It says: 
21 Behold, am Jesus Christ, the Son of Godam the same that came unto mine ownand mine own received me not. am thlight which shineth in darknessand the darkness comprehendth it not.
 22 Verily, verily, say unto you, if you desire furtherwitness, cast your mind upon thnight that you cried unto me in your heart, that you might know concerning thetruth of these things 23 Did not speak peace to your mind concerning the matter? What greater witness can you have than from God?24 And now, behold, you have received witnessfor if I have told you things which no man knoweth have you not received witness?

Yeah anyways I hope this isnt boring for you guys, but this scripture really got to me. It made me remember all the times when I felt the Spirit, when my testimony has increased and how I cant doubt that what I am doing out here in Uruguay is what the Lord wants me to do, and where I am is where he needs me to be :) Jesus Christ, is the Son of God and I have this priviledge to represent Him! :) I love being a missionary! 

Other than that I cant remember what happened this week, the baptism was the big highlight of the week. To answer a few questions you guys lost a hour of sleep?!?! We gained a hour of sleep this past weekend!!! Ohhh it was heavenly, it was a miracle to wake up and feel super rested!!! :) Thanks for the package Momma, you are always on the ball! Keep it up with the Sports updates I LOVE them! Ummm yeah good luck witht the snow lumps, and wish me luck with the incredible heat coming this week!! AH! Oh well I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO MUCH have a glorious week, and watch some March Madness for me! Chau!
Sebastian Baptism day in Bella Italia--March 7, 2015

Sebastian and his Mom & sister on his baptism day!  Elder Aruajo baptized him.  Elder Ivie confirmed

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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