Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What happens with Varela? (41st email)

Bon jia!
Ahi esta quite the week we had here in Varela not too much different but there were definitely a few little changes in the Zone as well as here in Varela.....oooopa well to start off remember Elder Massey, well obviously he is the biggest stud and now he is the new Zone Leader here in 33!!!! Soo happy for him, he is going to be amazing and super glad to stick around with him for a little longer! Here in Varela its going to change a little drum roll please............Elder Ramirez is going to the zone Duranzo where I used to be, his comp. is a gringo again hehe! And for me well dont be too surprised im staying here for another change in Varela!! Woot woot, its time to do work. And you will never guess who my comp. is, well of course you wont because I dont even know him. But guess what? I got another gringo comp. Haha 4/5 comps. have been gringo! Awesome eh, his name is Elder Hicks I will give more info about him next week! But the biggest thing that shocked me, still freaking out about is I will be Senior Comp. this change!  Am I even old enough to be Senior Comp?? Its freaking me out, super excited but not going to lie pretty nervous. Just a little bit more responsibility on my hands! I get to lead the area and everything that happens, its on my shoulders! Woof wish me luck, but I super excited it will force me to speak more, helping my spanish and confidence grow which is what I need! :) Not sure quite yet, but I think I will be going to Montevideo to pick up my new comp. with Elder Ramirez. But yeah other than that not too much haha!
It was a good day at church this week, both me and Elder Ramirez spoke on ¨Missionary Work¨ and it went awesome! I felt the spirit and hope we gave the members a little bit of excitement to help us! We got good comments on our talks so hey at least they were paying attention. We unfortunately didnt get any investigators in church this week. We invited that family, M N, L, and B but they all said it would be hard because of Fathers Day! (Oh yeah Daddio not sure if it was Fathers Day in the states too but if it was I love you sooo much why do you have to be such a stud? Sorry I have no sense of time here in the mission, im sure you know how that goes!) Anyways so they all ended up not coming but we did have some success on the less active end! Woot helped a grandson of one of members, B come back. That was awesome to see a youngin' in the church because there isnt that many! We also helped a man named J come back to the church. He stopped going because he couldnt get up every Sunday to go to church because of the medication he was taking. And recently he´s been having some doubts about Joseph Smith these past couple weeks! We had a couple lessons with him these past couple weeks and what I´ve seen from this experience is bible bashing really will never work. One lesson we had with him was just bible bashing, arguing fest which ended up going nowhere. However this week we visited him on Friday and helped to teach his doubts by bearing our testimonies. We had a nice conversation, the Spirit was there and on Sunday he said to me that we helped him to take away his doubts. Thats why its so important to have the Spirit as missionaries, we arent the ones taking away the doubts, we are the instruments to which the Spirit can testify through us! He also said that he has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday now, and knows that Joseph Smith was really a true prophet. That book is so key and everyday my testimony grows through personal study from it as well as experiences like the one I had with J! :) Oh yeah when he came to church, he dressed up in a white shirt and tie (he hates ties) and passed the sacrament! What a stud muffin!
I was reading in D&C 75:2-5 this week where it talks about as members of the church we cant be idle and burdened down. We need to lift our voices and share this message with everybody we know! For me personally I have heard this a billion times and dont get me wrong is the one of the most important things to God. But what really struck me was verse 5, as it says ¨ye shall be laden with many sheaves, crowned with honor,....and eternal life.¨ In this context sheaves means some sort of type of a reward. And how huge is this promise from the Lord?! Normally in the scriptures it says that we will be laden with trials, and afflictions which is very true as we all know. But in this case if we share the gospel with our friends we will be ¨laden¨ with countless blessings and ultimately eternal life!! Doesn´t this scripture make you want to be laden with blessings/rewards from God! Ha I loved that lesson and hopefully I keep my end of the promise more often like I should! :)
Sort of a gross story the fummigators came here on Thursday to figure out what the weird smell was in the church this past week. And what they found were a few dead rats with fur, blood, and feces all in the cupboards! Ha super nast they must of killed each other but they cleaned it all out so we be chillin now!
Sounded like quite the week for you guys too! I cant believe Linly is done with Communal too :( Dont you forget that farm burger recipe! But SHE IS GOING TO A 5 STAR RESTAURANT instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?!?!? I didnt know that, we definitely need to go to that one when I get back fo sho!! :) The Elmers came over?!?!?! Awww yeah just like the good ol days, thanks for the photo Daddio they are the best! And you better believe I still got game, bring it DUDE! Thanks for all the quotes momma I jotted them all down, you always know what to say, and those quotes were just what I needed to hear for this week! Love U all soooo much, have a SICK week and wow Papa Franklin is coming up on a year?!?! INSANE! Anyways chaucito, loves and kisses!

LES AMO, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie

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