Elder Ivie

Elder Ivie

Monday, July 21, 2014

Change in Changes! (42nd email)

Dearest Beloved Family,
What a superb week its been in the fine town of Varela! Its been quite elementary if I do say so myself. Ok no mas woot woot its really been a good week though! As you guys know this past week was change week, and Elder Ramirez bounced and I stayed. But the funnny thing is I lied to you guys about everything. Haha ok first off I didnt mean to lie, my District Leader told me everything wrong about changes. My comp. Is actually Elder Guix (not Elder Hicks) from Guatemala (so definitely not a Gringo in fact he knows like no english). Also I AM NOT SENIOR COMP. I was getting excited but probably a little nervous so yeah this change should help me a lot, especially on the Spanish side of things! Me and Elder Guix get along good, we can communicate good, and we laugh all the time! He is very passive, small little man but a good missionary. He's got 20mths. In the mish, he spent 9mths. In Guatemala waiting for his Visa to Uruguay. Interesting enough he arrived in the Uruguay the same day I did, and we slept in the same room for a night! The thing is I remember there were other Elders with us but it didnt come to mind that it was Elder Guix when I met him this week. Kinda a funny, probably because I couldnt even speak a word of Spanish so I didnt even try talking to him! Ha small world eh?! The cool thing is, before he arrived I prayed for a Latino comp. So I could practice my Spanish more, and he delivered! Pretty darn excited for this new change here in Varela.
We are already seeing miracles and the work is picking up again! Unfortunately again we couldnt get any investigators in church which was a mega bummer! BUT wait for it.......we had 22 people in church yesterday with 5 less actives!!!! The most we´ve ever had (well at least for me). Booyah J came again and is planning on getting the Melchizedek Priesthood soon, he went on splits with us yesterday and offered us lunch on Wednesday! Woot he is awesome and is the miracle we needed here in Varela. Also yesterday the Stake Pres. Of 33 came and visited Varela which was amazing! That man is such a stud and I could feel how tuned he is with the spirit. And coincidently enough, he talked to us about the Spirit and how we need it in EVERY MOMENT of our lives. And its by the small things we do like scripture study, prayer, and service that affect our spirituality and testimonies. I like what he said here, he said something like this, ¨During the week we do these small things to maintain our spirituality, and around Saturday we have it but not as great in abundance. That is why we come to church, to take the sacrament, to take the Lords name upon us and have the Spirit to be with us.¨ I didnt know something like that but it was super spiritual. I just love talking about the Spirit, I could talk about it for days!
Sorry I dont have much to say this week, it was just a happy week. Besides the mom of one of our investigators yelling at us and telling us to leave her alone. Oh yeah and a less active slammed a door on us too but thats what keeps the mission interesting eh?!
The picture is of a service project me and my comp. Did for a member on Sat. I dont know how to control myself, I got mud all over my face and clothes but it was a blast! (like the shirt) It was so good to hear from everyone this week! Momma I proud of you too, I just love you toooo much! No Elder Massey didnt stay in Lascano he is in 33 now! Thats where the zone leaders area is. Linly  I AM CERTAIN you will miss Communal, I sure will miss my Farm Burger, but I cant wait to taste some of this 5 star grub, luv ya lumps! Alexis you are a big girl now, you better go on California Screamin', sit tight and enjoy you ride 5,4,3,2,1...................And Daddio thanks for your emails every week, you are a mega stud and what you shared last week is what I needed and what this area needs! I am certain we will be using this talk to motivate the members more in the near future. :) LOVE YOU ALL! Have an super chill week, dont party too much! Say ¨bye¨ to the Misseldines for me, LOVE YOU ALL! CHAU!

Les amo, Elder Tyler Scott Ivie
Obelisk in 33

Stake Center in 33

Last day with Elder Ramirez July 2014

Service Project in Varela July 19, 2014

Working in the trenches!

Working with new companion, Elder Guix 

No idea how I got mud ALL over the place?  Sweet shirt!

Interesting...in Trente de Tres?

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